Phelim Macaleer: Facebook Suspends Filmmakers Page after Campaign by Anti-fracking Activists

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Deletes Court Reports Exposing Collapsing “Pollution” Case


Phelim Macaleer :

FACEBOOK has removed posts and suspended the page of a journalist covering a controversial court case after a targeted campaign by anti-fracking activists.

Journalist and filmmaker Phelim McAleer has condemned Facebook for allowing the censorship of posts that are court reports of an important case. The attacks on the FrackNation page started as McAleer’s posts on the alleged Dimock Water Pollution trial proved popular and revealed just how weak the case is.
Dimock is the village in Pennsylvania which has been described as the “ground zero”  of fracking pollution. It has featured in documentaries such as Gasland and hundreds of other national and international media articles.
Phelim McAleer, the director of the FrackNation documentary, is the only reporter permanently covering the case and his reports on the FrackNation Facebook page, before the page was shut down, revealed there was almost no evidence to back up the allegations in the lawsuit.

It is McAleer’s extensive and detailed coverage that has infuriated anti-fracking activists who have been using the Dimock case as a centerpiece of their campaigns.
McAleer said the attack on his articles and videos was an attempt to censor the truth.
“Bit by bit- it is coming out that there is no truth to the Dimock allegations. I was posting many articles showing how weak the case was often just using the plaintiffs words and admissions under oath,” McAleer said.
“As they have watched the case collapse anti-fracking activists have become ever more determined to censor my reports and prevent the truth from gaining a wider audience,” he added.
Activists have launched a concerted campaign labelling McAleer’s reports as “inappropriate content” therefore prompting Facebook to remove them. McAleer’s page has now been reported so often that the page was suspended for 24 hours over the weekend.
McAleer has condemned Facebook for removing the posts and suspending the page.
“This is about justice and a high profile court case about a matter of public importance. Facebook are censoring court reports because one side does not like what is coming out under oath. They are now helping coverup the truth. This needs to stop, they need to republish the deleted posts and lift the threat hanging over the page.”
Two Dimock families are suing Cabot Oil and Gas, a Texas company in a case that had gained worldwide publicity as an example of pollution following fracking.
However McAleer’s reports have revealed that:
The court case before a jury is expected to end later this week.


Phelim McAleer is a filmmaker and investigative journalist. He most recently produced and directed FrackNation – a documentary to uncover the truth about Fracking. He has produced documentaries for CBC (Canada) and RTE (Ireland) and two independent feature length documentaries. Before becoming a filmmaker, Phelim was a foreign correspondent for the Financial Times in Eastern Europe. He also covered Romania and Bulgaria for The Economist. Before that he covered Ireland for the UK Sunday Times. He has worked as a filmmaker and journalist in many countries including Romania, Uganda, Madagascar, Bulgaria, Chile, Indonesia, Canada and China. McAleer has appeared on or is a regular contributor to an array of international media organizations including Fox News, CNN and the BBC. He has been interviewed on over 100 US and international radio shows.

FrackNation was acquired by and premiered on AXS TV, owned by a maverick billionaire Mark Cuban. It was subsequently picked up for distribution by Magnolia Pictures and is now available on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and VOD. The movie was financed through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. It raised $212,000 in 60 days and was one of the most successful documentary campaigns ever funded through Kickstarter.
The New York Times described FrackNation as “provocative and meticulously researched.”
  1. Joe Public says:

    Strange (Not!) that the MSM is ignoring the developments in this case.

  2. Joe Public says:

    Place your bets now as to whether Aunty will update this report when the verdict is released …..

  3. Adam Gallon says:

    Needless to say, I’m posting a link to this page on Facebook!

  4. tom0mason says:

    From everything I’ve heard and read about this subject the correct use of the word ‘controversial’ is missing from your write-up. People understand that the word is not ‘fracking’ but is the phrase ‘controversial fracking’ and is a contraction of —

    ‘The Controversial method of well-stimulation technique in which rock is Fractured by a pressurized toxic liquid in order to scarily release climate destroying fossil fuels while poisoning the local environment, causing potentially catastrophic earthquakes, spreading diseases through water pollution, thus enriching the greedy capitalists at the expense of the masses. ‘

    So please read —
    What is fracking and why is it controversial? ( for the official facts and reasons why Britain must keep fossil fuels in the ground, and do not fall for hellish messages such as — Hydraulic Fracturing: The Process (


  5. Power Grab says:

    Speaking as a denizen of the most infamous of fracking states, at one of the fracking community meetings that I attended, one of the experts explained that in Pennsylvania the problem was that the companies didn’t really know what they were doing, and they failed to properly seal the pipelines that went down in the depths. That’s why there were leaks into residents’ water supplies. They are supposed to have gotten assistance from our part of the world about how to do it right.

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  7. oldbrew says:

    In the UK about 99% of people are on mains water, which is treated and tested by the water companies before going into the pipes. So fracking scares can only conceivably be a very minor issue, probably linked to human error if something were to happen.

  8. manicbeancounter says:

    The Dimock case was not the only item of Facebook censorship. On his own page Phelim Mcaleer decided to quote on March 5th something I said in June 2014. That has now been removed. The quote was from the end of a long article I wrote about

    A senior geology professor in Miami, who also chairs the science committee for the Miami-Dade Climate Change Advisory Task Force, has views on future sea level rise that are way more extreme than the available evidence. As a result, Southeast Florida Regional Plans could have been affected, with public money wasted, unnecessary stress caused to home owners, and land devalued.

    This comment that Mcaleer quoted (now in bold) was:-

    Any questioning of the scientific authority has been treated as equivalent to denial of established fact, and with a manufactured moralistic contempt akin to that meted out to those who question the truth of the holocaust.

  9. Zeke says:

    Dimock is the village in Pennsylvania which has been described as the “ground zero” of fracking pollution. It has featured in documentaries such as Gasland and hundreds of other national and international media articles

    Pennsylvania is the birthplace of the oil drilling industry. Before that, settlers in PA were often bothered by sticky black liquid in the streams and rivers. Indians said the gooey substance had beneficial powers, so they bottled it up and sold it as medicine.

    At least that has been cleaned up!

    We found the rental on amazon. Thx

  10. FTOP says:

    The question is when will Josh Fox be held accountable for Gasland which is mis-information posing as a documentary.

  11. The people at the trial didn’t like Phelim asking tough questions. Never forget, Al Gore and his pals didn’t like Phelim’s tough question either years ago: