Davos: Green transition is ‘$50-trillion investment opportunity’

Posted: January 31, 2021 by oldbrew in Big Green, climate
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Crazy world of climate finance [image credit: renewableenergyfocus.com]

So is it about a claimed ‘climate emergency’ or, more likely, ‘an acceptable return for investors’?
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Financing the global shift away from fossil fuels could earn investors trillions, according to discussions at the World Economic Forum.

But there’s not enough data to get the money where it’s needed, says DW.com.

The investment opportunity presented by the transition to a green global economy has been a key topic on the agenda at the 2021 World Economic Forum.

The week-long summit — held online this year due to the global coronavirus outbreak — devoted over a day’s worth of discussions to issues surrounding climate change, including how to restructure an economy based around the consumption of carbon-producing fossil fuels.

Over several panels, both politicians and business leaders highlighted the economic potential of the green transition. The real challenge, they said, will be getting investments where they are needed most.

From shareholder to stakeholder

The transition toward an environmentally stable global economy represents a $50 trillion (€41 trillion) investment opportunity, said Bill Winters, Group CEO of the UK-based Standard Chartered Bank, speaking on a panel about how to finance the transition to a global society free of carbon emissions.

“These are interesting assets,” he said, “both for social reasons, and because they should generate an acceptable return” for investors.

Continued here.

  1. Chaswarnertoo says:

    What utter BS. Time for a Reddit moment.

  2. Curious George says:

    I have a nice bridge to sell. A great investment opportunity.

  3. Phoenix44 says:

    When consumers are forced to pay whatever it takes to get a return then yes, there are returns to be made. They are unethical perhaps even immoral returns but who cares if you can label them “ethical investments” because those do the coercion think they are the right thing.

    No doubt those taking over Jewish businesses in the 1930s for 100th of the value made a return and no doubt those making it happen believed it was ethical too.

  4. oldbrew says:

    The investment opportunity presented by the transition to a green global economy

    Where’s the economic advantage in the so-called green economy? Government spending has to be accounted for sooner or later, and government edicts costing people money are a drain on prosperity not a path to it.

  5. Gamecock says:

    ‘$50-trillion investment opportunity’

    With inflation, that’ll be about a hundred bucks.

    The world simply won’t have $50 trillion. The more the green screws are tightened, the more the world’s economies will contract.

    ‘Financing the global shift away from fossil fuels could earn investors trillions’

    Of course, there is no global shift, only Europe, North America and Australia are playing this stupid game, and will suffer it’s consequeces. China, India, Africa and South America aren’t playing.

    In the West, the ‘shift away from fossil fuels’ is about done. The penetration of renewables approaches practical limits (maintaining grid frequency, retaining backup). The time to invest
    is gone. These yahoos are funny, thinking they can jump in now. That boat has sailed.

  6. oldbrew says:

    the transition to a global society free of carbon emissions

    First they have to invent trees that can grow as fast as they’re being burned.

  7. Gamecock says:


    It grows so fast, you can actually see it grow.

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