East Malling, Kent, the Met Office’s finest

Posted: October 13, 2012 by tchannon in Analysis, Surfacestation


What a lovely large enclosure and without paving.

Let’s see what Microsoft and their providers have to show…


I invite go and look, rotate the scene, perhaps change altitude to see different photo dates. Bing maps

51.287504, 0.448382


Estimated Class 3, fails Class 1 and Class 2 on unnatural ground cover within 100 and 30 metres.

UHI, local unstable ground cover, polytunnels, glass, bare soil, variable crops, distance, semi-rural.

Royal Meteorological Society magazine Weather, letters to the editor




Above images (c)Microsoft Corporation and their providers.

A body has spent a lot of our money on the East Malling meteorological site, in the county of Kent, not so far from Gravesend-Broadness and other sites.

East Malling is an agricultural station, places famed for microclimates and a highly unstable environment. Keep these separate from more serious sites.

East Malling is extremely high profile, in bed with a myriad of governmental organisations, eg. DEFRA, EU and the Met Office parent.

Warning, a nasty web site demanding Java, http://www.emr.ac.uk/
does not demand javascript but does sensibly function without.



Brede is a defunct site, observer was ill 2003 and site ceased. Class 5 on shadow, bad exposure so of course it was warm January 50.93877846749582,0.5940249688260013

  1. Stephen Richards says:

    Have a look at chivenor, sw england. It is always several degrees warmer than thermometers on either side of it.

  2. Sparks says:

    “Warning, a nasty web site demanding Java, http://www.emr.ac.uk/
    does not demand javascript but does sensibly function without.”

    Not related to that site specifically, but I did a virus scan last night and removed 6 Trojan threats, all java exploits, I have tight security and I know what I’m doing! Web Browsers are my biggest nightmare and Java and the like are a huge unnecessary waste of bandwidth and resources, loading up a high level operating system onto an operating system so that bad and or lazy programers with Awful resource management skills can drain your machines resources and flood the machine with crap (Google is one of the worst offenders), even if you do keep your systems in tip-top shape. You probably can tell that this issue annoys me a lot! lol

    All the best guys!

  3. tchannon says:

    It will be. Wasn’t one I was going to do soon. Typical RAF/Army base where little is made of the met station by the media. If you want to look now it is here 51.08909550188575,-4.148582
    Bear in mind it is exposed Atlantic coast so errors will be strongly dependent on the weather.
    Station is in the lee of buildings for any wind at all Northerly.