Greycrook, Scotland

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Greycrook, Scotland

Defunct station setting Scottish highest August temperature August 32.9 °C Greycrook (Scottish Borders) 9 August 2003
Station ceased 2004
This was a very hot day with abnormal weather conditions but no records were broken at formal sites.

Microsoft Bing link

No image from 2003 but an enclosure and screen is still present.

Looks likely it was at best Class 3.

I’ve posted this article so it is on file and as an incidental where looking at record breaking sites tends to show poor sites. Curiously records or near records tend to be set followed by site cessation or sudden site change / equipment change.

No mention of an instrument check or a site check.

Looks like the site failed 2003

Start date End date Remark type Remark
01-05-2004 01-06-2004 QUALITY CONTROL DCNN1979: DATA RUBBISH
01-04-2004 01-05-2004 QUALITY CONTROL DCNN1979: DATA RUBBISH
01-03-2004 01-04-2004 QUALITY CONTROL DCNN1979: DATA RUBBISH
01-02-2004 01-03-2004 QUALITY CONTROL DCNN1979: DATA RUBBISH
01-01-2004 01-02-2004 QUALITY CONTROL DCNN1979: DATA RUBBISH

I’ve used a Bing image because it is clearer and for variety.

Out of interest the Bing shown scale (bottom left) applies to across only but fortunately the angled view seems to give a factor of 1.5 up and down so calculation is simple. Their image scaling step seems to be by a factor of 2, with closest level 20, this image is level 17 (you can find this from the full URL)

  1. caz says:

    Site of the Greycrook weather station shown on this map above the H in “RCAHMS” ties in exactly with your Bing location Tim

  2. tchannon says:

    Wonder if Caz is around?