Is this FUBAR? Heathrow “record” temperature

Posted: July 5, 2015 by tchannon in Surfacestation, weather

The Met Office have some explaining to do.

Why 7 minutes after a claimed hottest ever did the same place publish a safety record at least 1.2C lower? It was lower 7km, away at Northholt and all the surrounding places. Muttering about thunder won’t wash either because CAVOK says no, if it is correct. Plume from France? It was much colder to the south, Met Office data says so. Fohn? Ah yes the snow capped Sussex Alps.


Image from OGIMET, no link given to protect private server from excess traffic.

Someone please cross check me in case this is mistaken.

  • 13:20 it is 31C
  • 13:50 it is 35C
  • 14:20 it is 35C
  • 14:50 it is 34C

Perhaps aeronatutical services use a different thermometer but the Met Office site is an WMO synoptic station. Why pay for the Met Office site if it isn’t used? If it is a site there for accurate climatic recording why such a poor location? (see other articles)

The 11 figure is dewpoint, also in contradiction.

Then there is the matter of Met Office Support giving the author the runaround since January over wrong meteorological hourly data emitted by the Met Office servers. The similarity is curious.


Light rain
Partly cloudy (day)
Sunny day
Sunny day
Sunny day
Sunny day
Sunny day
Sunny day
Sunny day
Sunny day

Why? What happened? Anything else go wrong?

Here is visual evidence of a plume but is misleading. Out in the Atlantic is an Arctic cell with weather flowing widdershins, hence the Northern flow, not so simple, the whole lot is moving East, so that arc, the lot, is moving East. I have other images from different bands. This one is more suitable for usage here. (If anyone has access to to the high res. 14:00 and 14:15 images they might be useful)


Image EUMETSAT, METEOSAT 10, 14:00 hrs, false colour. Source, author’s copy of immediate data accessed 2nd July 2015


Part image NOAA19 polar orbit AVHRR Channel 9, overhead 13:30
Quicklook from “NERC Satellite Receiving Station, Dundee University, Scotland Dundee

Post by Tim

  1. Apparently there are two temperature stations at Heathrow, both near the runway.

    EGLL, which you quote, seems to have maxed out at around 95F (35C), the same as nearby stations at Northolt and Ruislip.

    The other one, which the Met Office use, is 03772, and this jumps to 36.7C

    The Met Office WOW site gives 5-minute readings at Ruislip, which confirm the max of 35.1C between 14.50 and 15.00.

    There is now so much doubt about the validity of the “record” reading that the Met Office should now withdraw it, along with the wider claims that have been associated with it (such as “record breaking July weather”, until it has been independently corroborated.

  2. Joe Public says:

    “Is this FUBAR? ”

    Many would consider it a SNAFU; but with the results of detailed investigations by some bloggers & some MSM writers, it seems TARFUN.

  3. Looking at Ogimet I notice that Heathrow is 1.4C higher than Northolt, another airfield. At 4pm it was 35.9C to Northolt’s 34.5C.
    There’s a lot more concrete at Heathrow and obviously far more jet engines. Is it possible that this reading is too high. The previous July record was set at an RHS garden in Wisley, far more representative of standard conditions.
    I fear that with a new runway Heathrow will only get hotter and, perhaps, a review of the official MetO station should be taken.

    In Wanstead my July record was broken: 36.1C (exceeding the old record for this area, 34.5C set on 15th July 1881. Camden Square recorded 35C the same day)
    My Casella ‘check’ mercury in glass thermometer recorded 35.8C – the station is set up in a standard wooden Stevenson’s Screen in a suburban garden

  4. craigm350 says:

    I was watching the squalls over the country earlier and what should I spy in bottom right of my screen.

    Rather leaps out at you.

  5. wayne says:

    craigm350: “Rather leaps out at you.”

    Really? The big + and – ? Just what are we supposed to see in the bottom right corner?

  6. craigm350 says:

    wayne – sorry not clear. Should have said I focussed in to take snapshot.

    The storms I was watching were North+West. Bottom corner of picture was H’row which look nothing like any of the surrounding areas.

  7. craigm350 says:

    If you can’t see what I mean look for M25 sign. Gatwick also sticks out but not as clearly (not in this image).

    It looks so different to the surrounding urban/rural areas (parts of Hillingdon have farms). The point being how unrepresentative Heathrow is, yet even on this evenings Countryfile week ahead forecast Heathrow record was shown – no caveats.

  8. wayne says:

    Ok, Heathrow is your point, yes I had noticed that but skipped right by and just didn’t know what you were referring to. I thought something much stranger. I’m not British but I used to be a real simulator nut loving flying and yep, looks just like that high above even on MS Fight Simulator, have flown usually 737s in and out of there many times. 😉

  9. SnowDog says:

    Here’s the data I collected from EGLL:

    | /tmp/sn.0275.txt | EGLL | 2015-07-01 | 11:50:00 | 2015-07-01 | 12 | 30 | 14 | 150 | 10 | NULL | NULL | 0 | METAR EGLL 011150Z 15010KT CAVOK 30/14 Q1011 NOSIG= |
    | /tmp/sn.0276.txt | EGLL | 2015-07-01 | 12:20:00 | 2015-07-01 | 12 | 31 | 14 | 150 | 13 | NULL | NULL | 0 | METAR EGLL 011220Z 15013KT CAVOK 31/14 Q1011= |
    | /tmp/sn.0287.txt | EGLL | 2015-07-01 | 12:50:00 | 2015-07-01 | 13 | 33 | 14 | 120 | 12 | NULL | NULL | 0 | METAR EGLL 011250Z 12012KT CAVOK 33/14 Q1011 NOSIG= |
    | /tmp/sn.0288.txt | EGLL | 2015-07-01 | 13:20:00 | 2015-07-01 | 13 | 35 | 12 | 160 | 11 | NULL | NULL | 0 | EGLL 011320Z 16011KT 130V200 CAVOK 35/12 Q1010 NOSIG= |
    | /tmp/sn.0299.txt | EGLL | 2015-07-01 | 13:50:00 | 2015-07-01 | 14 | 35 | 11 | 150 | 13 | NULL | NULL | 0 | METAR EGLL 011350Z 15013KT CAVOK 35/11 Q1010 NOSIG= |
    | /tmp/sn.0300.txt | EGLL | 2015-07-01 | 14:20:00 | 2015-07-01 | 14 | 35 | 11 | 170 | 14 | NULL | NULL | 0 | EGLL 011420Z 17014KT CAVOK 35/11 Q1010 NOSIG= |
    | /tmp/sn.0311.txt | EGLL | 2015-07-01 | 14:50:00 | 2015-07-01 | 15 | 34 | 13 | 150 | 14 | NULL | NULL | 0 | METAR EGLL 011450Z 15014KT CAVOK 34/13 Q1010 NOSIG= |

  10. tchannon says:

    The open question I essentially asked in the article: what is the purpose of the Met Office station if it not used for aeronautical safety, needs answering.

  11. craigm350 says:

    Tim – I wish I could believe it was idiocy but malicious narrative pushing ahead of Paris fits better for me. The mendaciousness is real and it’s happening. *cough*

    Hopefully should show Joe B’s tweet also (they are ignoring a record MJO spike to focus on the heat – of course they are oblivious to cold).

    Tech Times story:


  12. craigm350 says:

    click image and it should take you through to tweet.

    Wayne – was my bad. Should have made it clearer i.e. outside of my head 😉

  13. Paul Vaughan says:

    The situation over here:
    forest fires

    You can’t even see us on the smoky map:

    I read 3 news articles.
    No mention of “The Blob” ….nor global warming.

    Must have been a media-sanity day …like nature’s able to do these things all by herself without help from humans kind of awareness level.

  14. Anything is possible says:

    The Met Office have a blog post up about the issues raised above, which I am sure will be of interest :

  15. tchannon says:

    If anyone is reading I’ve worked out a lot of what happened but raises further issues about sites, equipment and practice.

    No-one else seems to have figured it, no sign the Met Office comprehend so that leaves the field wide open.

  16. Andrew says: