The Tories Failed Because They Took Us For Fools

Posted: June 10, 2017 by tallbloke in solar system dynamics

Andy Shaw shares his thoughts on Brexit, the Tories failure to take command, and the limbo of Labour

Worth Arguing For .. it really is.

The Tories have tried to take us for fools and failed. The Tories have learned little from the Brexit vote in 2016. They have had a year to make sense of the shock decision and they have not used their time wisely. People are tired with the status quo. People will not flock to vote ‘the right way’ after hearing sound bites. People are unimpressed by media management campaigns masquerading as politics. People want politicians to be accountable to them, they want a sense of purpose and they want a vision for the future.

The vote for Brexit vote in 2016 shattered the deadening sense that nothing could change. Political certainties were thrown up in the air. Significant change felt possible for the first time in a generation. Brexit voters, especially, felt a glimmer of democratic power. Middle of the road politicians and comfortable members of the establishment reacted with…

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  1. oldbrew says:

    Turns out the Tories were the fools and Theresa Dismay is on borrowed time.

  2. daveburton says:

    This election was an improbable victory for real conservatives, as the so-called “Conservatives” are now forced to reply on the DUP to form a government. Forcing the liberal “Conservatives” into a marriage of convenience with REAL conservatives might actually do them, and the UK, a lot of good!

    The DUP is pro-life, and they are also climate realists who want to put a stop to the crazy leftist politicization of climatology. They are a beacon of Christian decency, scientific integrity & good sense, in an insane age! What’s not to love?

    This is a great day for the UK!

  3. oldbrew says:

    ‘The DUP is pro-life, and they are also climate realists’
    – – –
    The DUP were blamed for Ulster’s ruinous renewable heat incentives scandal that recently toppled its government.

    ‘Mrs Foster, who presided over the ill-fated Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) when economy minister, has steadfastly refused to leave the stage to facilitate a probe into a scandal that has left Stormont facing a projected £490 million bill.’

  4. daveburton says:

    I’m a long way away, so I could be all wrong, but it sounds to me like the stupid wood-burning subsidy was old-fashioned vote buying, not support for climate alarmism. Just because they are climate realists that doesn’t mean they aren’t still politicians.

  5. oldbrew says:

    The Tories might have to ‘assist’ with the RHI debts to get the DUP’s support.

    Cash for Ash scandal
    – – –
    If Sinn Fein’s 7 MPs did decide to turn up at Westminster any Tory-DUP majority would be wiped out 😉

    ‘the abstentionist Sinn Fein’
    ‘Corbyn’s well-publicised links with Sinn Fein’

    SF must be aware of the numbers.

  6. richard verney says:

    The political class has been very disingenuous with Brexit. A binary question was put to the electorate of leave or remain. No middle option was put. The electorate chose leave.

    The EU is not a tangible object, something that can be picked up and held in the hand. Instead it is intangible, a concept consisting of its institutions, Conventions, Treaties, Laws and Regulations. To leave the EU one has to leave all of its constituent components, ie., all of its institutions, Conventions, Treaties, Laws and Regulations. You cannot leave a train by keeping one foot in the carriage.

    At the time of the referendum, there was no such thing as a hard Brexit or a soft Brexit. As a matter of definition of leave the EU, there is only one course, namely that which is termed a hard Brexit. Indeed, this was recognised by project fear. Project fear was based entirely on a hard Brexit, and people voted to leave.

    After the referendum, May should have immediately made it clear what leave meant, and what the public had voted for. This should not have waited for the Lancaster Speech. The hard/soft Brexit argument should never have been allowed to develop.

    Likewise the argument on the nation being split. The nation is always split. For most of my life approximately just over 40% of the population voted Labour and just over 40% voted Conservative with about 15% voting Liberal/LibDems/independents/Others/Greens.

    Likewise the government ought never to have allowed the small number of favour to gain traction. Tim Farron has been elected by just 777 votes. Does this mean that he has no legitimacy? Does this mean that there should be a rerun of the election in his constituency? Does it mean that he has to pander to the sensibilities of the voters who chose Conservative or Labour? Of course not, that is not our system.

    Article 50 should have been invoked immediately, and before Cameron stepped down in accordance with his promise.

    The people have been badly served by the politicians.

    Of course there are numerous reasons behind May’s failure, not least her past catching up with her (she was incompetent at the home office and this came home to roost), and when she had an opportunity to show strong leadership (following the terr0rist atrocities) she bottled out, and merely talked the talk (weakly at that) and failed to act. If at this time she had shown strength and real leadership, that would have impressed the public, and may have overcome the problems she had with the uninspiring manifesto and the lack of a positive message. This was a real missed opportunity and shows a failure to be connected to the public, and a failure to be able to think quickly on one’s feet.

  7. oldbrew says:

    The Tories also failed because…

    ‘Tories relied on ‘poxy little slogans’ to attract the youth vote, says minister’

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