Life as a skeptic is summed up in this parody documentary

Posted: November 11, 2018 by oldbrew in humour, opinion

Join the fake David Attenborough for a brief sardonic tour of the little-known but fascinating – maybe – world of the skeptic (US)/sceptic (UK).

This parody documentary skewers both the skeptic and the superstitious, and accurately shows what issues skeptics face, says The BigThink.

== A video from QED 2018 has made the rounds on the internet, poking fun at skeptics and the credulous alike.

== It features a nearly perfect impression of Sir David Attenborough, jabs at peddlers of pseudoscience, and sharp British humor.

== The clip reminds us that while it can be difficult to be a skeptic in a superstitious world we must take a moment to laugh at these difficulties.

Living as a skeptic in a superstitious world can be difficult. Luckily, the brilliant minds at QED 2018, a conference for skeptics, created the five-minute masterpiece The Migration of the Skeptic to give us a laugh and a good look at some of the issues facing people who look at the world without superstitious mindsets.

It even has voice actor Adam Diggle doing a spot-on impression of Sir David Attenborough’s narration style.

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  1. oldbrew says:

    Talking of parody…


  2. The parody of sceptics in the clip produced by the sceptics of QED for their annual sceptical weekend is indeed funny, but perhaps not as funny as the potted biographies of fifty of their participants posted at
    There are comedy writers, games designers, and an ex-Mormon who is now an advisor to Hertfordshire police on homophobic crime. An awful lot of them are spare time stand up comics. This one is not untypical:

    “Dr Matt Winning is an environmental economist in the Institute for Sustainable Resources at University College London focussing on topics such as climate change, energy transitions and the circular economy, and a stand-up comedian…”

  3. Joe Public says:

    Effing genius.

  4. fast says:

    Here is another refreshing and at times amusing comment on the world of global solutions by Professor Jordan Peterson.

  5. dai davies says:

    The distinction between Sceptics and sceptics mirrors the difference between Science the institution and and science the method. The Sceptics are acolytes and front-line evangelists of the Church of Scientism, hence the preponderance of media activists.

    Good vid, though.

  6. stpaulchuck says:

    loved it!