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  1. oldbrew says:

    Link back to Suggestions 38

    [for viewing only please]

    = = =

  2. oldbrew says:

    United Kingdom’s coal-free days brought to you by natural gas

    Due to several factors — notably a carbon price policy implemented in 2013 — the UK’s coal use has plummeted, natural gas has risen to make up most of the difference and emissions have dropped.
    – – –
    So a bit like the USA. They then complain that ‘while cleaner than coal, natural gas still emits greenhouse gasses’ – conveniently forgetting that most so-called GHG is water vapour. No end in sight to the ‘blame humans’ nonsense.

  3. oldbrew says:

    ‘Cloud’ that showed up on weather radar in US is actually 80 mile wide swarm of insects

    A “cloud” that appeared on a weather radar over southern California has shocked meteorologists after it turned out to be a massive swarm of ladybirds.

    The bug bloom, which was spotted over San Diego on Tuesday, was believed to be 80 miles wide and could easily be mistaken for a rain cloud.

    On the ground, meteorologist Joe Dandrea told the LA Times that the swarm appeared more as “specks flying by” rather than a dense cloud.

    The San Diego arm of the National Weather Service tweeted a gif of the critters showing up on the radar, writing: “The large echo showing up on SoCal radar this evening is not precipitation, but actually a cloud of lady bugs termed a ‘bloom’”.

  4. oldbrew says:

    Astronomers Find First Evidence of an Odd Radio ‘Bridge’ Connecting 2 Galaxy Clusters
    7 JUN 2019

    A colossal magnetic field stretching between two clusters of galaxies has been observed for the first time. Roughly a billion light-years away, the ‘bridge’ of radio-emitting plasma spans 10 million light-years, following a filament in the mysterious cosmic web that connects the Universe.
    . . .
    This is synchrotron radiation produced by electrons zipping along the filament at relativistic velocities, only possible if the magnetic field is acting as a synchrotron, or particle accelerator.

    “We typically observe this emission mechanism in action in individual galaxies and even in galaxy clusters, but never before has a radio emission been observed connecting two of these systems,” said INAF astronomer Matteo Murgia. [bold added]
    – – –
    That’s a big bridge 😎

    Synchrotron radiation: electromagnetic energy emitted by charged particles (e.g., electrons and ions) that are moving at speeds close to that of light when their paths are altered, as by a magnetic field.

    From the report:
    We also don’t know if other filaments also contain magnetic fields, or if it’s a property unique to Abell 0399 and 0401, or if it’s only found in merging galaxies.

    unique – how likely is that?
    Wikipedia: Galaxies have magnetic fields of their own.

    Enc. Britannica says:
    Many kinds of astronomical objects have been found to emit synchrotron radiation as well. High-energy electrons spiraling through the lines of force of the magnetic field around the planet Jupiter, for example, give off synchrotron radiation at radio wavelengths. Synchrotron radiation at such wavelengths and at those of visible and ultraviolet light is generated by electrons moving in the magnetic field associated with the supernova remnant known as the Crab Nebula. Radio emissions of the synchrotron variety also have been detected from other supernova remnants in the Milky Way Galaxy and from extragalactic objects called quasars (see quasar).

  5. Paul Vaughan says:

    R We free to C what’s behind BRIlions of droning AIlies?

    Art’s missions cue parameters organizing life.

    “Around 1960 Old Brass Brains was modified […]”

    “[…] the US No.2 Tide Predicting Machine […] was classified, along with the data that it produced, and used to predict tides for the D-day Normandy landings and all the island landings in the Pacific war.”

    “It was first applied to predicting values for the 1912 and 1913 tide tables.”

    “Obtaining tide observations […] of the factors required for predictions was often a significant challenge.”

    “To compute tides for a coastal location, the operator has to configure the machine for […] up to 37 factors.”

    “During World War II the USCGS produced annual tide tables for major ports four years in advance in case Old Brass Brains broke down or was sabotaged.”

  6. oldbrew says:

    UK weather: June expected to be wettest on record, as Met Office warn of potential floods

    “It is unusual that the weather is coming in from the south east – it’s very slow moving and won’t just fizzle out.”

  7. A C Osborn says:

    Roger & Oldbrew, there is a very interesting response on the WUWTre-post by Dr Roy Spencer where he discusses a simple GHG model here

    The poster Eddie Banner discusses Photon Energy, something that I have been asking Climastrologists about for a long time, especially compared to Solar Radiation.
    His points, if correct totally demolish the idea that CO2 can provide any meaningful energy whatsoever.

  8. oldbrew says:

    ACO – thanks, looked at it but for me the focus is still on the wrong suspect.

    Every planetary body with a significant atmosphere has a lapse rate, and that doesn’t depend on the CO2 content or even on having any CO2. So instead of all the competing trace gas calculations, they should focus on understanding the lapse rates first, and why they always work the same way (or at least appear to do so) irrespective of atmospheric composition, based on their distance from the Sun.

    Just my two penn’orth 🙂

  9. oldbrew says:

    New Experiment Will Test EmDrive That Breaks the Laws of Physics
    June 6th 2019

    If it works, we might one day be able to propel spacecraft without the need for any fuel.
    . . .
    To clear up the controversy, the team from Technische Universität Dresden has built a super-sensitive instrument for measuring thrust that they believe to be immune to the outside interference plaguing other studies.

  10. oldbrew says:

    Decoding the Mathematical Secrets of Plants’ Stunning Leaf Patterns
    JUNE 6, 2019

    The ever-fascinating Fibonacci sequence, for example, shows up in everything from sunflower seed arrangements to nautilus shells to pine cones.
    . . .
    Especially in the case of spiral-patterned plants, the new EDC2 model predicted the “super-dominance” of the Fibonacci spiral as compared to other arrangements, while previous models failed to explain why this particular shape seems to appear everywhere in nature.
    – – –
    Mathematics of plant leaves

    Unusual Japanese plant inspires recalculation of equation used to model leaf arrangement patterns
    Date: June 6, 2019
    Source: University of Tokyo

    A Japanese plant species with a peculiar leaf pattern recently revealed unexpected insight into how almost all plants control their leaf arrangement.
    . . .
    All in the angles

    To identify the leaf arrangement of a plant species, botanists measure the angle between leaves, moving up the stem from oldest to youngest leaf.

    Common patterns are symmetrical and have leaves arranged at regular intervals of 90 degrees (basil or mint), 180 degrees (stem grasses, like bamboo), or in Fibonacci golden angle spirals (like the needles on some spherical cacti, or the succulent spiral aloe).

    Study —
    Golden angle —

    G. angle = 137.508 degrees

  11. oldbrew says:

    JUNE 12, 2019
    New result in hunt for mysterious magnetic monopoles

    The ATLAS Collaboration has released its first results from the search for magnetic monopoles and HECOs in 13 TeV proton-proton collisions. Given that no evidence of either magnetic monopoles or HECOs was observed, constraints were established on spin-0 and spin-½ particles assuming the Drell-Yan electromagnetic pair production mechanism.

    To date, the search is the most sensitive study on magnetic monopoles in the range of 1 to 2 gD magnetic charge, surpassing the results of the dedicated MoEDAL experiment, which nonetheless probes a larger range. The study also improves, by approximately a factor of five, the previous constraints on the direct production of magnetic monopoles with magnetic charge 1 gD (see figure).
    – – –
    Not really a ‘new result’ then, but maybe a more advanced way of not getting one.

    Since electricity is needed to create magnetism they may be chasing a lost cause. The evidence, or lack of it, points that way but they prefer to say it’s ‘mysterious’.

  12. oldbrew says:

    Setback for UK no-deal Brexit opponents…

    Brexit: MPs reject Labour plan for no-deal vote
    2 minutes ago

    “There will be other procedural mechanisms we can use,” shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer said. “We are already looking at what those other opportunities will be.”

    Still trying to derail democracy by any means. No policy except disruption.

  13. oldbrew says:

    JUNE 19, 2019
    Cool halo gas caught spinning like galactic disks
    by W. M. Keck Observatory

    The researchers used W. M. Keck Observatory to obtain the first-ever direct observational evidence showing that corotating halo gas is not only possible, but common. Their findings suggest that the whirling gas halo will eventually spiral in towards the disk.

    “This is a major breakthrough in understanding how galactic disks grow,” said Martin, Professor of Physics at UC Santa Barbara and lead author of the study. “Galaxies are surrounded by massive reservoirs of gas that extend far beyond the visible portions of galaxies. Until now, it has remained a mystery how exactly this material is transported to galactic disks where it can fuel the next generation of star formation.”

    The study is published in today’s issue of the Astrophysical Journal and shows the combined results of 50 standard star-forming galaxies taken over a period of several years.

  14. oldbrew says:

    11 JUNE 2019
    Should we fertilize oceans or seed clouds? No one knows
    – – –
    No lack of dangerous job creation schemes dreamed up by people with overactive imaginations 😦

  15. oldbrew says:

    Discovery of a “Holy Grail” with the invention of universal computer memory
    20 June 2019

    A US patent has been awarded for the electronic memory device with another patent pending, while several companies have expressed an interest or are actively involved in the research.

    The inventors of the device used quantum mechanics to solve the dilemma of choosing between stable, long-term data storage and low-energy writing and erasing.

    The device could replace the $100bn market for Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), which is the ‘working memory’ of computers, as well as the long-term memory in flash drives.

  16. oldbrew says:

    JUNE 20, 2019
    Record efficiency for a gas engine

    Compared to the state of the art, the consumption of the new gas engine with prechamber combustion process was reduced by 20 percent (converted into WLTP standard consumption for a mid-size passenger car). The peak efficiency in the best engine configuration was over 45 percent, with efficiencies of over 40 percent achieved over a wide operating range. Such values are currently only achieved by significantly larger engines, such as those used in commercial vehicles, stationary or marine applications. 45 percent is a new record for passenger car engines. By way of comparison, petrol engines typically have efficiencies of 35 to 40 percent. The GasOn project has not yet dealt with the exhaust gas treatment of such an engine; there is still need for further research, due to the lean combustion process.

    Overall, it has been shown that gas engines have the potential to achieve similar efficiencies as (significantly larger) diesel engines. [bold added]

  17. oldbrew says:


  18. oldbrew says:

    The Crab Nebula just blasted Earth with the highest-energy photons ever recorded
    One measured photon has roughly the energy of a falling ping-pong ball.

    by Emerging Technology from the arXiv
    Jun 21, 2019

    Today, researchers from the Tibet Air Shower Gamma Collaboration say they have observed photons with energies above 100 TeV for the first time, including a remarkable photon with an energy of almost 500 TeV. This single photon has about the same energy as a falling Ping-Pong ball and is the highest-energy photon ever recorded.

    The collaboration has also worked out where these photons are coming from: the Crab Nebula, the remnants of a supernova that occurred in 1054 AD in the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way, some 6,500 light-years from Earth.
    – – –
    Cosmic rays increase during solar minima and we’re now in a deep one.

  19. oldbrew says:

    JUNE 25, 2019

    Part of the Pacific Ocean is not warming as expected, but why?

    Climate models of global warming—computerized simulations of what various parts of the earth are expected to do in reaction to rising greenhouse gases—say that the equatorial cold tongue, along with other regions, should have started warming decades ago, and should still be warming now. But the cold tongue has remained stubbornly cold.

    This troubles many scientists, because the cold tongue plays a key role in global climate.

    It’s the bit off the coast of Peru related to El Nino. Of course they have dreamed up some excuses.

  20. oldbrew says:

    Yellowstone’s Steamboat Geyser Is Incredibly Active Right Now, and We Don’t Know Why
    June 26, 2019

    Yellowstone National Park’s Steamboat Geyser blasted steam and water into the air at 12:52 p.m. local time on June 12. Then, three days, 3 hours and 48 minutes later — at 4:40 p.m. on June 15 — it blasted steam and water into the air again, according to the U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS)’s Volcano Hazards Program. That’s a new record for the geyser, according to the Billings Gazette: the shortest time ever recorded between eruptions.
    . . .
    The geyser set a record for total number of eruptions in 2018, with 32 in the calendar year, according to USGS. Already in 2019 there have been 24 eruptions, six of them in June as of this writing.

  21. oldbrew says:

    Date: 28/06/19 Roy Spencer

  22. oldbrew says:

    Boeing’s 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Engineers
    By Peter Robison
    28 June 2019

    >> Planemaker and suppliers used lower-paid temporary workers
    >> Engineers feared the practice meant code wasn’t done right

    The coders from HCL were typically designing to specifications set by Boeing. Still, “it was controversial because it was far less efficient than Boeing engineers just writing the code,” Rabin said. Frequently, he recalled, “it took many rounds going back and forth because the code was not done correctly.”

    Sounds oddly familiar to me 😎
    Pay peanuts, get monkeys? Or maybe a language/communication barrier. Plus lack of relevant experience probably.

  23. oldmanK says:

    Yes familiar. Happened to me on powerplant DCS. The maker trusted others with the writing program, and the latter thought they knew what had to be done. No idea that in a disturbance system had to go to safe rundown island-mode. But I had long learned to trust no one. The demanded verification was ultra necessary. Code writers are not plant engineers.
    One of several such incidents.

  24. tom0mason says:

    You may wish to publicize this on your site

    There’s a legal challenge to to BBC’s lack of impartiality coming if enough names and money can be donated…

  25. Paul Vaughan says:

    Primorial Instinct

    Weather in climatic quadrature, opposition or conjuction a piercing left front freely backs rights.


    0.240846697327135 = 1/Me
    0.615197263396975 = 1/V
    1.00001743371442 = 1/E
    1.88084761346252 = 1/Ma
    11.8626151546089 = 1/J
    29.4474984673838 = 1/S
    84.016845922161 = 1/U
    164.791315640078 = 1/N
    247.920651618113 = 1/P

    V & E

    1.59868955949705 = (1.00001743371442)*(0.615197263396975) / (1.00001743371442 – 0.615197263396975)
    = 1/(V-E)

    0.380883104686082 = (1.00001743371442)*(0.615197263396975) / (1.00001743371442 + 0.615197263396975)
    = 1/(V+E)

    0.761766209372164 = (1.00001743371442)*(0.615197263396975) / ( (1.00001743371442 + 0.615197263396975) / 2 )
    = 2/(V+E) = harmonic mean of V & E

    E & J

    1.0920796543202 = (11.8626151546089)*(1.00001743371442) / (11.8626151546089 – 1.00001743371442)
    = 1/(E-J)

    0.922270140470534 = (11.8626151546089)*(1.00001743371442) / (11.8626151546089 + 1.00001743371442)
    = 1/(E+J)

    1.84454028094107 = (11.8626151546089)*(1.00001743371442) / ( (11.8626151546089 + 1.00001743371442) / 2 )
    = 2/(E+J) = harmonic mean of E & J

    V & J

    0.648846557532906 = (11.8626151546089)*(0.615197263396975) / (11.8626151546089 – 0.615197263396975)
    = 1/(V-J)

    0.584866011394422 = (11.8626151546089)*(0.615197263396975) / (11.8626151546089 + 0.615197263396975)
    = 1/(V+J)

    1.16973202278884 = (11.8626151546089)*(0.615197263396975) / ( (11.8626151546089 + 0.615197263396975) / 2 )
    = 2/(V+J) = harmonic mean of V & J

    (E-J) & (V-J)

    1.59868955949705 = (1.0920796543202)*(0.648846557532906) / (1.0920796543202 – 0.648846557532906)
    = 1/(V-E)

    0.407020193867456 = (1.0920796543202)*(0.648846557532906) / (1.0920796543202 + 0.648846557532906)
    = 1/(V+E-2J)

    0.814040387734913 = (1.0920796543202)*(0.648846557532906) / ( (1.0920796543202 + 0.648846557532906) / 2 )
    = 1/((V+E)/2-J)

    (E+J) & (V+J)

    1.59868955949705 = (0.922270140470534)*(0.584866011394422) / (0.922270140470534 – 0.584866011394422)
    = 1/(V-E)

    0.357900285131974 = (0.922270140470534)*(0.584866011394422) / (0.922270140470534 + 0.584866011394422)
    = 1/(V+E+2J)

    0.715800570263949 = (0.922270140470534)*(0.584866011394422) / ( (0.922270140470534 + 0.584866011394422) / 2 )
    = 1/((V+E)/2+J)



    harmonic of 0.799344779748523 nearest 0.814040387734913 is 0.799344779748523 / 1 = 0.799344779748523
    44.2784629967678 = (0.799344779748523)*(0.814040387734913) / (0.799344779748523 – 0.814040387734913)
    = 1/((3/2)V-(5/2)E+J)

    harmonic of 0.799344779748523 nearest 0.407020193867456 is 0.799344779748523 / 2 = 0.399672389874261
    22.1392314983839 = (0.399672389874261)*(0.407020193867456) / (0.399672389874261 – 0.407020193867456)
    = 1/(3V-5E+2J)

    harmonic of 0.799344779748523 nearest 0.203510096933728 is 0.799344779748523 / 4 = 0.199836194937131
    11.0696157491919 = (0.199836194937131)*(0.203510096933728) / (0.199836194937131 – 0.203510096933728)
    = 1/(6V-10E+4J)


    harmonic of 0.799344779748523 nearest 0.715800570263949 is 0.799344779748523 / 1 = 0.799344779748523
    6.84872659292024 = (0.799344779748523)*(0.715800570263949) / (0.799344779748523 – 0.715800570263949)
    = 1/((-3/2)V+(5/2)E+J)

    harmonic of 0.799344779748523 nearest 0.357900285131974 is 0.799344779748523 / 2 = 0.399672389874261
    3.42436329646013 = (0.399672389874261)*(0.357900285131974) / (0.399672389874261 – 0.357900285131974)
    = 1/(-3V+5E+2J)

    harmonic of 0.799344779748523 nearest 0.178950142565987 is 0.799344779748523 / 4 = 0.199836194937131
    1.71218164823007 = (0.199836194937131)*(0.178950142565987) / (0.199836194937131 – 0.178950142565987)
    = 1/(-6V+10E+4J)

    Sun Masking Seidelmann’s Slip

    harmonic of 44.2784629967678 nearest 1.59868955949705 is 44.2784629967678 / 28 = 1.58137367845599
    146.000401794007 = (1.58137367845599)*(1.59868955949705) / (1.58137367845599 – 1.59868955949705)
    = 1/(41V-69E+28J)

    harmonic of 44.2784629967678 nearest 0.399672389874261 is 44.2784629967678 / 111 = 0.398905072042953
    207.777451495575 = (0.398905072042953)*(0.399672389874261) / (0.398905072042953 – 0.399672389874261)
    = 1/((325/2)V-(547/2)E+111J)

    harmonic of 44.2784629967678 nearest 0.761766209372164 is 44.2784629967678 / 58 = 0.763421775806341
    351.268846905165 = (0.763421775806341)*(0.761766209372164) / (0.763421775806341 – 0.761766209372164)
    = 1/(-(173/2)V+(291/2)E-58J)

    491.04953293551 = (207.777451495575)*(146.000401794007) / (207.777451495575 – 146.000401794007)
    = 1/(-(243/2)V+(409/2)E-83J)

    508.641968331342 = (351.268846905165)*(207.777451495575) / (351.268846905165 – 207.777451495575)
    = 1/(249V-419E+169J)

    499.690955987896 = (508.641968331342)*(491.04953293551) / ( (508.641968331342 + 491.04953293551) / 2 )
    = 1/((255/4)V-(429/4)E+43J)

    171.495140919733 = (207.777451495575)*(146.000401794007) / ( (207.777451495575 + 146.000401794007) / 2 )
    = 1/((407/4)V-(685/4)E+(139/2)J)

    982.09906587102 = (207.777451495575)*(171.495140919733) / (207.777451495575 – 171.495140919733)
    = 1/(-(243/4)V+(409/4)E-(83/2)J)

    harmonic of 22.1392314983839 nearest 0.799344779748523 is 22.1392314983839 / 28 = 0.790686839227996
    73.0002008970036 = (0.790686839227996)*(0.799344779748523) / (0.790686839227996 – 0.799344779748523)
    harmonic of 73.0002008970036 nearest 44.2784629967678 is 73.0002008970036 / 2 = 36.5001004485018
    207.777451495571 = (36.5001004485018)*(44.2784629967678) / (36.5001004485018 – 44.2784629967678)

    harmonic of 22.1392314983839 nearest 0.399672389874261 is 22.1392314983839 / 55 = 0.402531481788798
    56.2698661446249 = (0.402531481788798)*(0.399672389874261) / (0.402531481788798 – 0.399672389874261)
    harmonic of 56.2698661446249 nearest 44.2784629967678 is 56.2698661446249 / 1 = 56.2698661446249
    207.777451495582 = (56.2698661446249)*(44.2784629967678) / (56.2698661446249 – 44.2784629967678)

    harmonic of 11.0696157491919 nearest 0.399672389874261 is 11.0696157491919 / 28 = 0.395343419613998
    36.5001004485018 = (0.395343419613998)*(0.399672389874261) / (0.395343419613998 – 0.399672389874261)
    harmonic of 44.2784629967678 nearest 36.5001004485018 is 44.2784629967678 / 1 = 44.2784629967678
    207.777451495571 = (44.2784629967678)*(36.5001004485018) / (44.2784629967678 – 36.5001004485018)

    harmonic of 56.2698661446249 nearest 22.1392314983839 is 56.2698661446249 / 3 = 18.7566220482083
    122.762383233873 = (18.7566220482083)*(22.1392314983839) / (18.7566220482083 – 22.1392314983839)

    harmonic of 36.5001004485018 nearest 11.0696157491919 is 36.5001004485018 / 3 = 12.1667001495006
    122.762383233884 = (12.1667001495006)*(11.0696157491919) / (12.1667001495006 – 11.0696157491919)
    = 1/(-486V+818E-332J)

    harmonic of 44.2784629967678 nearest 0.799344779748523 is 44.2784629967678 / 55 = 0.805062963577596
    112.53973228925 = (0.805062963577596)*(0.799344779748523) / (0.805062963577596 – 0.799344779748523)
    harmonic of 112.53973228925 nearest 44.2784629967678 is 112.53973228925 / 3 = 37.5132440964166
    245.524766467745 = (37.5132440964166)*(44.2784629967678) / (37.5132440964166 – 44.2784629967678)

    harmonic of 73.0002008970036 nearest 22.1392314983839 is 73.0002008970036 / 3 = 24.3334002990012
    245.524766467768 = (24.3334002990012)*(22.1392314983839) / (24.3334002990012 – 22.1392314983839)
    = 1/(-243V+409E-166J)

    Anthemic Q&A

    Q: “O say Can EU see?”
    A: “We C the R eyes”

    Edward R. Dewey
    “The study of psycles reveals to US R ignorance and is therefore very disturbing to people whose ideas are crystAIlies.”

    Buy IT We reAIlies We R free to C contAInment fAIlure U-N mask AIluring DCoys.

    1 = 1
    2 = 1*2
    6 = 1*2*3
    30 = 1*2*3*5
    210 = 1*2*3*5*7
    2310 = 1*2*3*5*7*11
    30030 = 1*2*3*5*7*11*13

    Fine AIlie we know BRI10’s rights left IT a pentagonizing triangular mystery, a bAITing semiotic salience:

    harmonic of 2310 nearest 286 = 2*11*13 is 2310 / 8 = 288.75
    30030 = (288.75)*(286) / (288.75 – 286)

    harmonic of 210 nearest 11 is 210 / 19 = 11.0526315789474
    2310 = (11.0526315789474)*(11) / (11.0526315789474 – 11)

    harmonic of 30 nearest 14 = 2*7 is 30 / 2 = 15
    210 = (15)*(14) / (15 – 14)

    harmonic of 6 nearest 5 is 6 / 1 = 6
    30 = (6)*(5) / (6 – 5)

    harmonic of 2 nearest 3 is 2 / 1 = 2
    6 = (2)*(3) / (2 – 3)

    Cue Parameters Stable Eye Zing Antiresonant Navigation and Guidance of Heavenly Perception

    2.71828182845905 = e
    1.61803398874989 = (√5+1)/2 = φ
    8.4561457463176 = (11.8626151546089)*(29.4474984673838) / (11.8626151546089 + 29.4474984673838)
    = 1/(J+S)

    Mnemonic Gold Pan Sues Well-Directed CanAI

    The revelationary guard of tantAIizing psychles seize press √(Φ-φ)cely why hierarchically-golden-angled sci-cull’s tie 1 knot 2 ignore VEnuS Hale love.

    6.85410196624968 = φ^4 = (φ^2)^2

    harmonic of 1.59868955949705 nearest 1.00001743371442 is 1.59868955949705 / 2 = 0.799344779748523
    3.98339633975724 = (0.799344779748523)*(1.00001743371442) / (0.799344779748523 – 1.00001743371442)
    = 1/(2V-3E)

    harmonic of 3.98339633975724 nearest 1.59868955949705 is 3.98339633975724 / 2 = 1.99169816987862
    8.10187610587682 = (1.99169816987862)*(1.59868955949705) / (1.99169816987862 – 1.59868955949705)
    = 1/(-3V+5E)

    harmonic of 3.98339633975724 nearest 1.00001743371442 is 3.98339633975724 / 4 = 0.995849084939309
    238.911497097718 = (0.995849084939309)*(1.00001743371442) / (0.995849084939309 – 1.00001743371442)
    = 1/(8V-13E)

    harmonic of 3.98339633975724 nearest 0.615197263396975 is 3.98339633975724 / 6 = 0.663899389959539
    8.38626804826166 = (0.663899389959539)*(0.615197263396975) / (0.663899389959539 – 0.615197263396975)
    = 1/(-11V+18E)

    238.91149709771 = (8.10187610587682)*(8.38626804826166) / (8.10187610587682 – 8.38626804826166)
    = 1/(8V-13E)

    Simpler than U Imagined 4 Nature

    Ecological succession’s irrationally supplanting natural brews of old fluke a snatchy. Past artificially-limited ecological imaginations of global governance EU can C in ice elation 2 reAIlies 4 Eur.self IT AIn’t sun-flowering roots of rushin’ media AIone. Ecologically succeeding Pareto Principle hAIes stabilITy from whole-E EUCRUS pole √(Φ-φ) see.

    4 Nature U C We R simply free to Peak

    harmonic of 1.59868955949705 nearest 0.380883104686082 is 1.59868955949705 / 4 = 0.399672389874261
    8.10187610587679 = (0.399672389874261)*(0.380883104686082) / (0.399672389874261 – 0.380883104686082)
    = 1/(-3V+5E)

    8.10187610587679 = (6.84872659292025)*(44.2784629967678) / (6.84872659292025 – 44.2784629967678)
    = 1/(-3V+5E)

    5.93130757730447 = (6.84872659292025)*(44.2784629967678) / (6.84872659292025 + 44.2784629967678)
    = 1/2J

    11.8626151546089= (6.84872659292025)*(44.2784629967678) / ( (6.84872659292025 + 44.2784629967678) / 2 )
    = 1/J = harmonic mean

    “√(Φ-φ)’m takin’ my song to the grave” – Q

    11.069584864893 = √√(30030/2) = √√(3*5*7*11*13)
    11.069608319083 = (φ/2)(φφ)^e
    11.0696157491919 = (1/2)/(3V-5E+2J)
    11.0692384888412 = φ(φ/2)/(J+S)

    22.1391697297859 = 2√√(30030/2) = 2√√(3*5*7*11*13)
    22.139216638166 = φ(φφ)^e
    22.1392314983839 = 1/(3V-5E+2J)
    22.1384769776823 = φφ/(J+S)

    44.2783394595719 = 4√√(30030/2) = 4√√(3*5*7*11*13)
    44.2784332763321 = 2φ(φφ)^e
    44.2784629967678 = 2/(3V-5E+2J)
    44.2769539553646 = 2φφ/(J+S)

    121 = 1*11*11
    242 = 2*11*11
    484 = 4*11*11
    968 = 8*11*11

    “Leap of faith
    Do you doubt?” – Q

    11.0901699437495 = φ^5

    122.8 = 1*11.07*11.09
    245.5 = 2*11.07*11.09 = 11.07*22.18
    491.1 = 4*11.07*11.09 = 22.14*22.18
    982.1 = 8*11.07*11.09 = 44.28*22.18

    □ = quadrature = U+25A1
    ☍ = opposition = U+260D
    ☌ = conjunction = U+260C

    22.1803398874989 = 2(φ^5)

    Comparatively well-contrasted works of Bollinger, Orwell, Seidelmann, and Huxley together cue parameters.

    122.763919870544 = (1/2)(φ^5)/(3V-5E+2J)
    122.763837469374 = (1/2)(φ^6)(φφ)^e = (1/2)φ^(2e+6)
    122.76357735842 = (φ^5)√√(30030/2) = (φ^5)√√(3*5*7*11*13)
    122.762383234248 = 1/(-486V+818E-332J)
    122.759735989141 = (1/2)(φ^7)/(J+S)

    245.527839741089 = (φ^5)/(3V-5E+2J)
    245.527674938747 = (φ^6)(φφ)^e = φ^(2e+6)
    245.52715471684 = 2(φ^5)√√(30030/2) = 2(φ^5)√√(3*5*7*11*13)
    245.524766468496 = 1/(-243V+409E-166J)
    245.519471978282 = (φ^7)/(J+S)

    491.055679482177 = 2(φ^5)/(3V-5E+2J)
    491.055349877494 = 2(φ^6)(φφ)^e = 2φ^(2e+6)
    491.05430943368 = 4(φ^5)√√(30030/2) = 4(φ^5)√√(3*5*7*11*13)
    491.049532936992 = 1/(-(243/2)V+(409/2)E-83J)
    491.038943956564 = 2(φ^7)/(J+S)

    982.111358964355 = 4(φ^5)/(3V-5E+2J)
    982.110699754989 = 4(φ^6)(φφ)^e = 4φ^(2e+6)
    982.108618867361 = 8(φ^5)√√(30030/2) = 8(φ^5)√√(3*5*7*11*13)
    982.099065873984 = 1/(-(243/4)V+(409/4)E-(83/2)J)
    982.077887913129 = 4(φ^7)/(J+S)

    What May Encode the SunEV-VEnuS??

    We can C IT’s not an arrow of time but a rock peer sing JEVAIign.
    BRI10ing R eyes IT’s just reversing the dark spell of 1952-1992.
    Q-parameters well-hidden by U-N mask We’R exposed 4 decades 2 centuries 4 millennia.

    Quadrupolar AIIAsing

    Huxley buried the key in plane sound while U-N masking Orwell.
    With know slip polar eyes, no Eur. roll.

  26. Paul Vaughan says:

    Mods: Fish it out of the bin. It’s prime time.
    [Mod note] Done, sorry for the delay. TB

  27. Paul Vaughan says:

    A Peak at Prime

    Whether Eur. warmly left calculating false assumptions or rushin’ to right chilling propaganda, mass reduction of civil twilight isn’t marked on Eur. calendar.

    146 cattle eyes rays the floor.

    Arithmetically, the duration of the Calendar Round is the least common multiple of 260 and 365; 18,980 is 73 × 260 Tzolk’in days and 52 × 365 Haab’ days.

    “Out in the sun SHINE sun is MAYAN”
    □ “Burden in My Hand” – Washington’s Sound Garden

    ● “Any prime p providing a counterexample would necessarily be a Wall-Sun-Sun prime, and such primes are also conjectured not to exist. So the study of Pisano periods may be further reduced to that of Pisano periods of primes. In this regard, two primes are anomalous. The prime 2 has an odd Pisano period, and the prime 5 has period that is relatively much larger than the Pisano period of any other prime.

    ● “If p is a prime different from 2 and 5, then the modulo p analogue of Binet’s formula implies that π(p) is the multiplicative order of the roots of x^2 – x – 1 modulo p. ”

    “There she goes!”
    “Burden in My Hand” – Washington’s Sound Garden

    x^2 – x – 1 = 0
    φ = 1.61803398874989 = (√5+1)/2
    -Φ = -0.618033988749895 = -2/(√5+1)

    “√(Φ-φ) lost my head again!”
    “IT’s just a burden in MY hand!” – Washington’s Sound Garden

    1 / 52.0073396621029 = (Φ/1)(J-S)(Φ/1)
    1 / 104.014679324206 = (Φ/√2)(J-S)(Φ/√2)
    1 / 208.029358648411 = (Φ/2)(J-S)(Φ/2)
    1 / 260.036698310514 = (Φ/√5)(J-S)(Φ/√5)

  28. oldbrew says:

    JULY 11, 2019
    Alternating currents cause Jupiter’s aurora
    by University of Cologne

    The article “Birkeland currents in Jupiter’s magnetosphere observed by the polar-orbiting Juno spacecraft” is published in the current issue of Nature Astronomy.

    Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, has the brightest aurora, with a radiant power of 100 terawatts (100,000,000,000 kilowatts = one hundred billion KW). 100,000 power plants would be needed to produce this light. Similarly to the ones on Earth, Jupiter’s aurora display themselves as two huge oval rings around the poles. They are driven by a gigantic system of electrical currents that connects the polar light region with Jupiter’s magnetosphere. The magnetosphere is the region around a planet that is influenced by its magnetic field. Most of the electric currents run along Jupiter’s magnetic field lines, also known as Birkeland currents.
    . . .
    “Jupiter’s electric current systems are driven by the enormous centrifugal forces in Jupiter’s rapidly rotating magnetosphere,” Saur remarked. The volcanically active Jupiter moon Io produces one ton of sulfur dioxide gas per second, which ionizes into Jupiter’s magnetosphere. “Because of Jupiter’s fast rotation—a day on Jupiter lasts only ten hours—the centrifugal forces move the ionized gas in Jupiter’s magnetic field, which generate the electric currents,” the geophysicist concludes.
    – – –
    Observing the Birkeland currents [2014]

    When the supersonic solar wind hits the Earth’s magnetic field, a powerful electrical connection occurs with Earth’s field, generating millions of amperes of current that drive the dazzling auroras. These so-called Birkeland currents connect the ionosphere to the magnetosphere and channel solar wind energy to Earth’s uppermost atmosphere. Solar storms release torrential blasts of solar wind that cause much stronger currents and can overload power grids and disrupt communications and navigation.

  29. oldbrew says:

    A typical energy level for a galactic cosmic ray detected by the neutron monitor is 17 billion electron volts.
    . . .
    Most cosmic rays are protons which are abundant in the universe. How protons obtain the energy required to become cosmic rays is still a mystery.

  30. tom0mason says:

    Have notice recently your twitter messages are absent.
    The link for ‘My Tweets’ on your home page is ‘’ which throws an error when clicked.
    Shouldn’t it be — ?

    [mod] which browser? – working OK in Google Chrome

  31. oldbrew says:

    JULY 12, 2019
    Scientists deepen understanding of magnetic fields surrounding Earth and other planets

    Vast rings of electrically charged particles encircle the Earth and other planets. Now, a team of scientists has completed research into waves that travel through this magnetic, electrically charged environment, known as the magnetosphere, deepening understanding of the region and its interaction with our own planet, and opening up new ways to study other planets across the galaxy.
    . . .
    “We are really eager to understand the magnetosphere and how it mediates the effect that space weather has on our planet,” said Kim. “Being able to use EMIC waves as diagnostics would be very helpful.”
    [bold added]
    – – –
    A Van Allen radiation belt is a zone of energetic charged particles, most of which originate from the solar wind, that are captured by and held around a planet by that planet’s magnetic field. Earth has two such belts and sometimes others may be temporarily created.

  32. tom0mason says:

    Yes MOD, seem to be a browser issue.
    Loads Twitter successfully…

    Pale Moon — Firefox/Monzilla ( )
    Otter 1.0.01 — WebKit Backend 602.1. ( )
    Falkon – Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64),Application version 3.1.99, QtWebEngine version 5.12.4 ( )
    Brave – Version 0.66.99 Chromium: 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) Linux (64-bit) ( )

    ~ ~ ~

    Fails to load Twitter…

    Firefox – Firefox Quantum 68.0 (64-bit) Up-to-date via update channel.
    SeaMonkey – version 2.49.4 User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101
    Min (version 1.10.1) – Chromium v73.0.3683.121 ( )

  33. tom0mason says:

    Reply in the spam bin?

    [mod] retrieved, too many links for wordpress 😦

  34. oldbrew says:

    Novel approach to EV construction…

    A video shows the motor-in-wheels prototype. Take care not to blink or you miss half the video, which shows a skateboard type of object.

  35. oldbrew says:

    More self-similarity in the universe…

    JULY 11, 2019
    Astronomers find evidence of atmosphere-like envelopes around galaxies

    A new study by researchers at the University of Hertfordshire, published today in journal Astronomy and Astrophysics, has found evidence that the gaseous envelopes around larger galaxies are similar to the state of Earth’s atmosphere.

    The study suggests that the gaseous envelopes around galaxies that are between a billion and a trillion times the mass of the Sun are in a state of hydrostatic equilibrium. This means these ‘envelopes’ are stable due the balance between the inward force of gravity and the outward pressure of the gas, which is very similar to the state of Earth’s atmosphere. [bold added]

  36. oldbrew says:

    The Science Is Quite Clear: Reducing CO2 Emissions Only Raises Energy Prices
    Alan Carlin | July 15, 2019

    The current hysteria promoted by climate alarmists concerning global warming is simply that–hysteria. If people want to worry about climate change, they should worry about future global cooling. Cold is the great danger that humans will eventually face, not a little warmth.

  37. Paul Vaughan says:

    Primorial Serpents

    Salvador’s 2506 is consistent with Seidelmann (1992) but recall that NASA was still recently trying to sharpen their estimates of Saturn’s mean orbital period. OB’s preference for 2503 draws attention to both an interpretive controversy and the apparent source of a favorite long-distance orrery parameter.

    “The “Serpent Numbers” in the Dresden codex pp. 61–69 is a table of dates written in the coils of undulating serpents. Beyer was the first to notice that the Serpent Series is based on an unusually long distance number of (5,482,096 days – more than 30,000 years).”

    Note the error in the wikipedia statement by a factor of 2.

    5482096 days / 365.25 days per year = 15009.1608487337 years
    10964192 days / 365.25 days per year = 30018.3216974675 years

    nearest primorial = 30030 = 1*2*3*5*7*11*13
    Now assemble puzzle pieces:

    √√(3*5*7*11*13) = 11.069584864893
    30018.3216974675 / 13 = 2309.10166903596
    2309.10166903596 / 11.069584864893 = 208.598759322876
    12 * 208.598759322876 = 2503.18511187451

    Compare with:
    2503.4607431727 = 365.25*φ^4

    Let’s leave it there for now. Halloween is still months away.

  38. chickenhawk says:

    Just read something on WUWT that I thought you would find interesting:

    [reply] thanks

  39. oldbrew says:

    Space-station cameras reveal how thunderstorms trigger gamma-ray bursts.
    Mysterious electrical flashes above storm clouds have long puzzled scientists.

    The researchers have found that the bursts, known as terrestrial gamma-ray flashes (TGFs), form when powerful electric fields course through the atmosphere, just before a lightning bolt travels along the same path. The charged electrical particles interact with the atmosphere to produce a super-fast flickering of gamma rays, which cannot be seen by the naked eye but are visible to the specialized cameras looking down from the space station.

    The instruments have provided the best look yet at the relationship between ordinary lightning and TGFs, which scientists have known about since 1994 but have not been able to explain. “This is a game changer,” says Nikolai Østgaard, a space physicist at the University of Bergen in Norway.

  40. oldbrew says:

    4,600-year-old Greek ‘pyramid’ found in the Aegean Sea … is not a pyramid at all

    Called Dhaskalio, this little island is located about 90 meters (295 feet) west of the island of Keros. When Dhaskalio was taking shape 4,600 years ago, sea levels were lower, and the island was part of Keros, the researchers said.
    . . .
    The settlement at Dhaskalio and the nearby sanctuary appear to have been in use for about 400 years before being abandoned, the researchers said. But who, exactly, lived at Dhaskalio is still a mystery.

    “The site was occupied for over 400 years,so ‘who’ would have lived there must have changed over time, but mainly, at the moment, we are focusing on those practicing intense craft activities [manufacture of metal tools] at the site around 2600-2500 B.C.,” Boyd told Live Science.

  41. oldbrew says:

    Current 2-week outlook is ENSO neutral – issued today.

  42. oldbrew says:

    First of two Van Allen Probes spacecraft ceases operations
    July 24, 2019 by Geoff Brown, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

    ‘Originally slated for a two-year mission, the Van Allen Probes launched on Aug. 30, 2012, and have gathered unprecedented data on Earth’s two radiation belts—named for scientist James Van Allen—for nearly seven years.’

    Couldn’t last for ever – ran out of fuel.

  43. oldbrew says:

    [UK] Government mulls investing £18m to develop UK’s first mini nuclear reactor

    The government is proposing to use the Regulated Asset Base (RAB) financing model, which would allow developers to charge customers in advance through their existing bills

  44. craigm350 says:

    Propaganda confirmed.

    I’m not even going to bother linking to the story, instead have a gander at Tim Cullen’s look at the station:

    [mod] it was Tim Channon

  45. oldbrew says:

    The Crab Nebula Just Sent Earth the Highest-energy Photons Ever Recorded
    By Korey Haynes | July 30, 2019

    Photons streaming from the Crab Nebula were recently measured at energies well over 100 tera-electronvolts (TeV). That’s a trillion electron volts, or some 10 times the maximum energy that the Large Hadron Collider sees when it slams particles together.

  46. oldbrew says:

    Save the world – pay more for your petrol 🤔

    Cleaner driving

    Shell already offers drivers a range of ways to lower their emissions: from providing charging for electric vehicles to guidance on efficient driving.

    From April 17 2019, customers that visit a Shell service station in the Netherlands will be able to drive carbon neutral through the use of nature-based carbon credits.

    This will be done at no extra cost for customers who choose Shell V-Power petrol or diesel, while those who fill up with regular Shell petrol or diesel can opt to participate for an additional 1 cent a litre.

    Shell will roll out similar choices to customers in other countries, starting with the UK in late 2019.

  47. oldbrew says:

    UV lights ‘can cut rate of birds hitting power lines by 98%’

    Ultraviolet wavelengths shone onto cables can illuminate them for birds while remaining invisible to humans
    . . .
    The authors suggest in their paper that ultraviolet lighting could also help to stop birds colliding with other energy infrastructure, such as wind turbines.

  48. oldbrew says:

    UK to introduce mandatory installation of EV chargepoints for all new homes
    Mon 15 July 2019

    The Government says that the legislation would be a world first, and complements wider investment and measures put in place to ensure the UK has one of the best electric vehicle infrastructure networks in the world – as part of the £1.5 billion Road to Zero Strategy.,uk-to-introduce-mandatory-installation-of-ev-chargepoints-for-all-new-homes_3983.htm

  49. oldbrew says:

    You might think you know what gravity is, but you’re wrong
    Richard Panek
    Aug 04 2019

    I figured out that nobody knows what gravity is, and that just about nobody knows that nobody knows what gravity is. The exception is physicists: They know that nobody knows what gravity is, because they know that they don’t know what gravity is.

    The assumption that they do – that we all do – is understandable.
    [from the Washington Post]
    – – –
    There’s what it does, then there’s what it is.

  50. oldbrew says:

    Benny Peiser’s sobering analysis of Europe’s green energy fantasies…

  51. oldbrew says:

    On the day Belfast’s Harland & Wolff – famously the builders of the Titanic – goes bust (it seems), let’s look at the question posed by the U.S. Coast Guard…


    The area we call “Iceberg Alley” is located about 250 miles east and southeast of the island of Newfoundland, Canada. Iceberg Alley is usually considered to be that portion of the Labrador Current, that flows southward from Flemish Pass, along the eastern edge of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, to the Tail of the Banks. This area extends approximately from 48 to 43 degrees North Latitude at 48 degrees West longitude. Icebergs and sea ice flowing south from Iceberg Alley created the Titanic disaster of 1912. This is the area of the ocean we patrol and monitor most carefully. [bold added]
    – – –
    What is the latitude and longitude for the Titanic?
    Latitude: 41° 46′ North
    Longitude: 50° 14′ West
    Was Titanic’s last reported position when it sank.

    (For a perhaps surprising comparison, the latitude of Italy’s capital Rome is almost the same.)
    – – –
    Exceptionally dense fog is common where the cold Labrador Current merges with the warm Gulf Stream. By late winter, thick icebergs traverse the northern regions of this ecozone, from Greenland to Newfoundland. They have been feared by mariners for centuries, as well as being responsible for one of the deadliest disasters in maritime history, the sinking of the RMS Titanic. This resulted in the zone’s colloquial name “Iceberg Alley”.
    – – –
    If ‘feared by mariners for centuries’ – how much, if anything, has changed in the last 100+ years?

    Also: 1912 United States cold wave

    March 1912 was the second-coldest March on record for the contiguous U.S.
    . . .
    In the contiguous U.S., the average daily maximum temperature for 1912 was 61.97 °F (16.65 °C), which is the lowest ever recorded from 1895 through 2017.

    The Titanic hit an iceberg and sank on 15th April 1912 at the latitude of New Jersey (a degree or two south if Iceberg Alley).

  52. oldbrew says:

    Water in Hawaii volcano could trigger explosive eruptions
    August 3, 2019

    HONOLULU (AP) — For the first time in recorded history, a pond of water has been discovered inside the summit crater of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano, a development that could signal a shift to a more explosive phase of future eruptions.

    After a week of questions about a mysterious green patch at the bottom of the volcano’s Halemaumau crater, the former home of a famed lava lake, researchers confirmed the presence of water on Thursday, officials with the U.S. Geological Survey told The Associated Press on Friday.

    “The question is what does this mean in the evolution of the volcano?” USGS scientist emeritus Don Swanson said.

    Halemaumau has never had water since written observations began, he said, so the pond is unusual.

    Scientists aren’t exactly certain what will happen next, but when lava interacts with water it can cause explosive eruptions.
    . . .
    Swanson said that while researchers have never observed water on the caldera floor before, there are Native Hawaiian chants that describe the presence of ponds appearing just before explosive events.

    “It’s really not scientific evidence but it nonetheless enhances the interpretation,” Swanson said.

  53. oldbrew says:

    Magnetic plasma pulses excited by UK-size swirls in the solar atmosphere
    Date: August 5, 2019
    Source: University of Sheffield

    Summary: Scientists have discovered previously undetected observational evidence of frequent energetic wave pulses the size of the UK, transporting energy from the solar surface to the higher solar atmosphere.

    “The energy flux carried by the Alfvén pulses we detected now are estimated to be more than 10 times higher than that needed for heating the local upper solar chromosphere,” said Dr Jiajia Liu, postdoctoral research associate.

    “The chromosphere is a relatively thin layer between the solar surface and the extremely hot corona. The solar chromosphere appears as a red ring around the Sun during total solar eclipses.”
    – – –
    Why the size of the UK? 🤔

  54. oldbrew says:

    “Where, then, is everybody?” – Enrico Fermi

  55. oldbrew says:

    “And the prize for speculation goes to…” How physics went down a post-empirical dead end

    Theoretical physicists who devised a theory for which there is no evidence have received a $3m award. Why am I not surprised?
    by Jim Baggott / August 9, 2019

    We are ideas-rich, but data-poor, and speculation is cheap.
    . . .
    …evidence is sacrificed in the interests of perpetuating the oxymoron that is post-empirical science.

    Oh dear 😐

  56. oldbrew says:

    El No-no…
    Final El Niño or La Niña Advisory: Issued after El Niño or La Niña conditions have ended.

    issued by
    and the International Research Institute for Climate and Society
    8 August 2019

    ENSO Alert System Status: Final El Niño Advisory [bold added]

    Synopsis: El Niño has transitioned to ENSO-neutral, which is most likely to continue through Northern Hemisphere winter 2019-20 (50-55% chance).
    (overwritten monthly)
    – – –

  57. oldbrew says:

    For reference:

    arXiv:1803.02828 [pdf] physics.pop-ph
    Orbital Period Ratios and Fibonacci Numbers in Solar Planetary and Satellite Systems and in Exoplanetary Systems

    Authors: Vladimir Pletser

    Abstract: It is shown that orbital period ratios of successive secondaries in the Solar planetary and giant satellite systems and in exoplanetary systems are preferentially closer to irreducible fractions formed with Fibonacci numbers between 1 and 8 than to other fractions, in a ratio of approximately 60% to 40%. Furthermore, if sets of minor planets are chosen with gradually smaller inclinations and eccen… ▽ More
    Submitted 7 March, 2018; originally announced March 2018.

    Comments: 28 pages, 10 figures, 10 Tables

    arXiv:1801.01369 [pdf] physics.pop-ph
    Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio in Biology, Physics, Astrophysics, Chemistry and Technology: A Non-Exhaustive Review

    Authors: Vladimir Pletser

    Abstract: Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio can be found in nearly all domains of Science, appearing when self-organization processes are at play and/or expressing minimum energy configurations. Several non-exhaustive examples are given in biology (natural and artificial phyllotaxis, genetic code and DNA), physics (hydrogen bonds, chaos, superconductivity), astrophysics (pulsating stars, black holes),… ▽ More
    Submitted 28 December, 2017; originally announced January 2018.

    Comments: 15 pages. arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:1103.3694 by other authors

    MSC Class: 11Z05

    arXiv:1709.02704 [pdf] physics.pop-ph
    Lecar’s visual comparison method to assess the randomness of Bode’s law: an answer

    Authors: Vladimir Pletser

    Abstract: The usual main objection against any attempt in finding a physical cause for the planet distance distribution is based on the assumption that similar distance distribution could be obtained by sequences of random numbers. This assumption was stated by Lecar in an old paper (1973). We show here how this assumption is incorrect and how his visual comparison method is inappropriate.
    Submitted 6 September, 2017; originally announced September 2017.

    Comments: 5 pages, 2 figures

    MSC Class: 85-04

  58. oldbrew says:

    The Scots seem to have been well fed with climate propaganda…

    How to tackle Scotland’s ‘climate emergency’
    By Kevin Keane
    BBC Scotland’s environment correspondent
    12 August 2019
    – – –
    Time to wake up to reality before more forests are chewed up by wind power.

  59. oldbrew says:

    [*K2-21, also known as EPIC-206011691]

    The planets have orbital periods of 9.32414 days and 15.50120 days, respectively, and a period ratio … = 1.6624, very near to the 5:3 mean motion resonance, which may be a record of the system’s formation history.
    – – –
    5b = 3c = 2 conjunctions (5-3)
    2,3, and 5 are Fibonacci numbers

  60. oldbrew says:

    Skylab was the first space station launched and operated by NASA

    British mathematician Desmond King-Hele of the Royal Aircraft Establishment predicted in 1973 that Skylab would de-orbit and crash to Earth in 1979, sooner than NASA’s forecast, because of increased solar activity.[141] Greater-than-expected solar activity[144] heated the outer layers of Earth’s atmosphere and increased drag on Skylab. By late 1977, NORAD also forecast a reentry in mid-1979;[140] a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientist criticized NASA for using an inaccurate model for the second most-intense sunspot cycle in a century, and for ignoring NOAA predictions published in 1976.[145]
    [It came down in July 1979]
    – – –
    WHAT GOES UP . . .

    [363] Critics of manned spaceflight tried to make capital of the discrepancy between NASA’s predictions and those of NOAA, but in fact no single method of predicting sunspot activity was universally accepted by solar scientists. (Ironically, Skylab’s own results-unavailable in 1974- would eventually contribute to refining those methods.) All were based on analysis of historical data. NASA’s scientists used more observations and predicted less sunspot activity than their counterparts at NOAA. Sargent and his colleagues insisted that some of the very early (17th century) observations that NASA used were unreliable and reduced the accuracy of the predictions. The space agency had ignored the forecasts NOAA published in 1976, leading some cynics to attribute self-serving motives to the forecasters at Marshall: since Huntsville still had thoughts of using Skylab somehow, it was not in their center’s interest to acknowledge that the space station might fall to earth before it could be rescued.7 Since no such proposals were ever formalized, the simpler explanation-that Skylab was simply forgotten in the press of more urgent business-is equally credible.
    – – –
    The Skylab Is Falling and Sunspots Are Behind It All
    See all authors and affiliations

    Science 07 Apr 1978:
    Vol. 200, Issue 4337, pp. 28-33
    DOI: 10.1126/science.200.4337.28

  61. oldbrew says:

    Isle be damned: What Trump could buy instead of Greenland

    Forget the Danish territory’s knockback, there are plenty of other islands out there.

    1. The United Kingdom

    Pros: Would make a future transatlantic trade deal so much simpler. No need for a “tough old haggle” over chlorinated chicken and all the rest — just U.S. rules. In every sense.

    Cons: Challenging Irish border negotiations when purchased as a single unit.

  62. oldbrew says:

    Going, going…

    As Guido reported he would on Friday, Steven Barclay has “signed the legislation setting in stone the repeal of the European Communities Act 1972. This is a landmark moment in taking back control of our law. It underlines that we are leaving the EU on October 31”.

  63. oldbrew says:

    Recent paper…H/T Ned Nikolov:

    Plain Language Summary
    Longwave radiation, often referred to as “thermal” or “infrared” radiation, emitted downward by Earth’s atmosphere is a primary contributor to the surface energy budget. Numerous studies have invoked longwave radiation as a driver of surface warming. This paper shows that this line of reasoning fails to account for the strong control surface temperature exerts on longwave radiation. Using radiative kernels, matrices that quantify the longwave radiation response to a climate perturbation (like global warming), we argue that any surface temperature anomaly will generate a downward longwave radiation response. This constitutes a feedback between the Earth’s surface and its atmosphere. The kernels show large longwave responses to perturbations in the lowest part of the atmosphere and almost no response to perturbations at high levels; by vertically integrating the kernels, we can ignore the vertical structure of climate perturbations. Using this modification, we predict the longwave radiation response to a warming world using only the surface changes. Our prediction agrees with climate model output, suggesting that the longwave radiation response is determined primarily by surface temperature. Further, the cloud contribution to changes in longwave radiation is small. These results provide clarity on how changes in the surface energy budget should be analyzed. [bold added]

  64. oldbrew says:

    Are wind farms interfering with natural convection?

  65. oldbrew says:

    DOUBLE DRONE-BOW: To see a rainbow, all you need are sunlight and falling rain. Correction: that’s all you need to see half a rainbow. Typical rainbows are at least 50% hidden below the horizon. To see more, you also need a drone: [date param. = August 21, 2019]

  66. oldbrew says:

    All-Electric Plane Crash Lands In Blow To Norway’s Aviation Strategy

    Avinor’s CEO Dag Falk-Petersen was piloting the plane, alongside State Secretary Aase Marthe J. Horrigmo. Neither was injured in the incident.

    The plane took off from Arendal airport, approximately 285 km (177 miles) southwest of Norway’s capital, Oslo. Falk-Petersen estimated they were traveling at a speed of about 70 kph (43 mph) when they hit the water.
    – – –
    Hairy :/

  67. oldbrew says:

    This animation illustrates Mars solar conjunction, a period when Mars is on the opposite side of the Sun from Earth. During this time, the Sun can interrupt radio transmissions to spacecraft on and around the Red Planet. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

    AUGUST 24, 2019
    What’s Mars solar conjunction, and why does it matter?
    by Andrew Good, NASA
    – – –
    Approx. 7 conjunctions per 15 Earth years.

  68. oldbrew says:

    The fog catchers of Peru

    Peru’s Pacific coastline is suffering extreme drought. More than 3.5 million people have no access to clean water. It’s delivered in tanks and sold at high prices. An engineer is now harvesting water from fog.
    [inc. 4min.30s. video report]
    – – –
    ‘is suffering extreme drought’ – yes, it’s a desert so this is normal there.

  69. oldbrew says:

    AUGUST 27, 2019
    Mysterious cloud ‘absorbers’ seen to drive Venusian albedo, climate

    “What really struck me about this paper is that it shows that Venus’ climate has decadal-long climate variations, just like the Earth,” says Venus expert Mark Bullock of the Southwest Research Institute and who was not involved in the new study. “Even more amazing, the strength of the climate oscillation on Venus is much greater than Earth’s long-term variations.”

    “That is a striking result,” Limaye adds. “It suggests that something is changing. We can see the change in brightness. If the albedo is changing, something is driving those changes. The question is, what is the cause?” [bold added]
    – – –
    Any connection with this?

    Our Sun’s Mysterious 11-Year Cycle Appears to Be Driven by Alignment of The Planets
    1 JUN 2019

    Every 11 years, the Sun cycles through from riotous flare and sunspot activity to a quieter period, before ramping up again. It’s almost as regular as clockwork, and for years astronomers have been wondering what causes it. Now, they’ve proposed a new solution.

    Even though the Solar System’s planets are much smaller than the Sun, the gravity of some of them is able to influence our star’s magnetic field. This, the researchers assert, is what controls the solar cycle.

    Venus, Earth, and Jupiter assert a small gravitational tug on the Sun as they orbit it. The result is comparable to the way the Moon’s gravity influences Earth’s tides, producing a regularly timed ebb and flow.

    The team has traced back 1,000 years of solar cycles, between the years 1000 and 2009 CE, comparing that data against the movements of the planets in that time. They found an impressively strong link between the two.

    “There is an astonishingly high level of concordance: what we see is complete parallelism with the planets over the course of 90 cycles,” said physicist Frank Stefani of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf in Germany.

    “Everything points to a clocked process.”

    What the team found is that the tidal forces are strongest when Earth, Venus, and Jupiter align, and that this alignment occurs every 11.07 years – falling at the same time as the solar minimum.

  70. oldbrew says:

    AUGUST 27, 2019
    The dark sides of extrasolar planets share surprisingly similar temperatures

    A new study by McGill University astronomers has found that the temperature on the nightsides of different hot Jupiters is surprisingly uniform, suggesting the dark side of these massive gaseous planets have clouds made of minerals and rocks.

    Using data from the Spitzer Space and the Hubble Space telescopes, the researchers from the McGill Space Institute found that the nightside temperature of 12 hot Jupiters they studied was about 800°C.
    . . .
    “Atmospheric circulation models predicted that nightside temperatures should vary much more than they do,” said Dylan Keating, a Physics Ph.D. student under the supervision of McGill professor Nicolas Cowan. “This is really surprising because the planets we studied all receive different amounts of irradiation from their host stars and the dayside temperatures among them varies by almost 1700°C.”

  71. oldbrew says:

    Interesting weather/climate hypothesis here…

    Ion Isaia

    Key words: Metonic astronomical cycle, multiples of the Metonic cycle,
    atmospheric tides, Rossby waves, 19-year cycles of air temperature.

    Abstract. This paper intends to demonstrate that, on Terra’s surface, there are cycles
    of air’s temperature and of other meteorological elements having a duration of 19
    years (the Metonic cycle). These 19-year cycles are recorded on every continent,
    especially in temperate climate areas where the (planetary) Rossby waves exhibit
    very clearly. As in the case of other cycles of meteorological elements, the
    atmospheric tides play a very important role in their occurrence. In the case of this
    cycle, the atmospheric tides are also generated mainly by Moon’s and Sun’s

    Click to access pesd-2016-0030.pdf

    See also: Lunar precession update
    Posted: October 15, 2017
    – – –
    An astronomical correspondence to the
    1470 year cycle of abrupt climate change [2015]

    the Metonic cycle is an ideal variable that can be associated with both solar and lunar

    Click to access cpd-11-4895-2015.pdf

  72. A C Osborn says:

    This is one for Roger’s Twitter.
    Maggie understood the EU better than most

  73. Paul Vaughan says:


    ⌈abc⌉ def ⌊123⌋
    xyz ⌊45.67⌉

  74. Paul Vaughan says:

    Testing 123…

    ⌊ 1.59868955949705 / 0.814040387734913 ⌉ = ⌊1.96389464648731⌉ = 2
    1.59868955949705 / 2 = 0.799344779748523
    44.2784629967671 = (0.814040387734913)*(0.799344779748523) / (0.814040387734913 – 0.799344779748523)

    ⌊ 1.59868955949705 / 0.407020193867456 ⌉ = ⌊3.92778929297461⌉ = 4
    1.59868955949705 / 4 = 0.399672389874261
    22.1392314983835 = (0.407020193867456)*(0.399672389874261) / (0.407020193867456 – 0.399672389874261)

    ⌊ 1.59868955949705 / 0.203510096933728 ⌉ = ⌊7.85557858594922⌉ = 8
    1.59868955949705 / 8 = 0.199836194937131
    11.0696157491918 = (0.203510096933728)*(0.199836194937131) / (0.203510096933728 – 0.199836194937131)

  75. oldbrew says:

    PV – from the ‘= 8’ line…
    7.85557858594922 / 3 = 2.6185262~

  76. oldbrew says:

    SEPTEMBER 5, 2019

    It’s not aurora, it’s STEVE
    by University of Alaska Fairbanks

    “The big thing is, we can clearly say now it’s not regular aurora,” said University of Alaska Fairbanks researcher Don Hampton, a co-author on the paper. “It’s a new phenomenon, that’s pretty exciting.”

    The Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement, visible as a pink band rising from the lower left to upper right of this photograph, appears with the Milky Way over Childs Lake, Manitoba, Canada. Scientists have recently confirmed STEVE is a unique phenomenon and not a kind of aurora, as previously thought. The picture is a composite of 11 images stitched together. Credit: Krista Trinder and NASA

  77. oldbrew says:

    Court verdict:

  78. Paul Vaughan says:

    Just testing display, not readers.

    ⌈x⌉ = ceiling
    ⌊x⌋ = floor
    x = round off x

    Testing wordpress capacity for symbolic display (restatement of old message).

    “Mathematics is the queen of the sciences—and number theory is the queen of mathematics.” — Gauss

    Stable peace has proven itself a simple piece of work, but deep, grave European ignorance won’t be overcome by Halloween …nor by Jan. 31 …and maybe never with “allies” who are all lies with neither regard nor respect for the reserved queen of revelation with no revolution.

  79. oldbrew says:

    More from the weird world of climate modelling…

    SEPTEMBER 6, 2019

    New climate model for the IPCC
    by Alfred Wegener Institute

    For the low emission scenario (445 ppm CO2 in 2100), there will need to be concerted efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to limit the rise in mean global temperature to within 2 °C; with the high emission scenario (1142 ppm CO2 in 2100) it’s assumed that no measures are taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so that according to the present model the mean global temperature will rise by circa 5 °C. [bold added]

    Goodbye laws of physics :/

  80. oldbrew says:

  81. oldbrew says:

    SEPTEMBER 6, 2019

    Making sense of Saturn’s impossible rotation
    by Larry O’hanlon, American Geophysical Union

    Change the plasma seasonally, and you change the period of the radio emissions, which is what is seen on Saturn.

    The new model provides a solution to the puzzle of Saturn’s impossible changing rotation periods. It also shows that the observed periods are not the rotation period of Saturn’s core, which remains unmeasured.
    – – –
    Still no exact data.

  82. A C Osborn says:

    Rog, Johnson shows his true colours.

    Prety much a complete U turn from the last 6 months.

  83. oldbrew says:

    SEPTEMBER 9, 2019

    All comets in the solar system might come from the same place
    by Bryce Benda, Leiden University

    And that origin is somewhere close to our young Sun, when it was still encircled by a protoplanetary disc and our planets were still forming. The model suggests a zone around the Sun, inside the range where carbon monoxide becomes ice—relatively far away from the nucleus of the young Sun.

  84. oldbrew says:

    The enigmatic planetary system GJ 4276: One eccentric planet or two planets in a 2:1 resonance?

    Based on the eccentric interpretation, we find that GJ 4276 b is the most eccentric (e = 0.37) exoplanet around an M dwarf with such a short orbital period known today.

    GJ 4276b orbit = 6.675 days

  85. oldbrew says:

    More on the Solar Cycles
    by Miles Mathis

    Click to access sol4.pdf

    Mentions Abreu et al (2013), plus a query about the official sunspot numbers.

  86. oldbrew says:

    SEPTEMBER 16, 2019
    Geochemists measure new composition of Earth’s mantle

    As the material below the Azores rises from very deep within Earth’s mantle—and is unexpectedly similar to most of its upper part—the composition of Earth’s entire mantle may differ from current thinking. “Our results have opened up a new perspective,” says Andreas Stracke, “because we will now have to reassess the composition of the largest part of the Earth—after all, Earth’s mantle accounts for over 80 percent of Earth’s volume.” The study has been published in the journal Nature Geoscience. [bold dded]

  87. Ian Wilson says:


    I have put up a post at my blog site that show that a recent passage of a Kelvin Wave across the equatorial Pacific ocean (between September 8th and 17th) has set off a series of 6 weak tropical storms + 1 Hurricane (located at ~ 15 degrees N latitude) that have cumulatively produced a westerly wind flow on their southern flanks, which has suddenly killed the easterly trade winds as far east as the central Pacific ocean (longitude 160 W).

    This particular Equatorial Kelvin Wave (EKW) event may not be strong enough to initiate an El Nino event but events like it could be responsible for doing so.

    If this is the case then my previous post:

    claims that EKWs are being generated by the interaction between maxima in the lunar atmospheric /oceanic tides with minima in the diurnal sea-level pressure variations in the tropics.

    If this is correct, my latest post would imply that the lunar tides must play a crucial role in initiating the Westerly Wind Bursts (WWBs) in the western equatorial Pacific ocean that are directly responsible for weakening the easterly equatorial trade winds that help trigger El Nino events.

  88. Ian Wilson says:

    Repost to get around the WordPress posting bug.


    I have put up a post at my blog site that show that a recent passage of a Kelvin Wave across the equatorial Pacific ocean (between September 8th and 17th) has set off a series of 6 weak tropical storms + 1 Hurricane (located at ~ 15 degrees N latitude) that have cumulatively produced a westerly wind flow on their southern flanks, which has suddenly killed the easterly trade winds as far east as the central Pacific ocean (longitude 160 W).

    This particular Equatorial Kelvin Wave (EKW) event may not be strong enough to initiate an El Nino event but events like it could be responsible for doing so.

    If this is the case then my previous post:

    claims that EKWs are being generated by the interaction between maxima in the lunar atmospheric /oceanic tides with minima in the diurnal sea-level pressure variations in the tropics.

    If this is correct, my latest post would imply that the lunar tides must play a crucial role in initiating the Westerly Wind Bursts (WWBs) in the western equatorial Pacific ocean that are directly responsible for weakening the easterly equatorial trade winds that help trigger El Nino events.

  89. Ian Wilson says:

    The Easterly Trade Winds Over the Equatorial Pacific Ocean Have Disappeared Over the Last 12 Days! If you want to find out why go to the following post:

  90. oldbrew says:

    Ian W – is there any possible link between the missing winds and the very recent SSW?

  91. oldbrew says:

    SEPTEMBER 18, 2019
    Dust from a giant asteroid crash caused an ancient ice age

    About 466 million years ago, long before the age of the dinosaurs, the Earth froze. The seas began to ice over at the Earth’s poles, and the new range of temperatures around the planet set the stage for a boom of new species evolving. The cause of this ice age was a mystery, until now: a new study in Science Advances argues that the ice age was caused by global cooling, triggered by extra dust in the atmosphere from a giant asteroid collision in outer space.

    Research — An extraterrestrial trigger for the mid-Ordovician ice age: Dust from the breakup of the L-chondrite parent body
    – – –
    Ralph Ellis built a theory of ice ages in general being caused by dust variations.

  92. oldbrew says:

    THE ANALEMMA OF BUDAPEST: If you took a picture of the sun at the same time each day, would it remain in the same position? The answer is no, and the figure-8 shape traced out by the sun over the course of a year is called an analemma.

    Hunarian photographer György Soponyai stitched together more than 30 pictures spanning 12 months to reveal the analemma of 2018-2019 over the city of Budapest:

  93. oldbrew says:

    Critique of Irish climate blarney…

    Alarmists: Ireland Heading for ‘Climate Change Apocalypse’ by 2050

    As of this writing, there has not been a single documented case of a person being killed by carbon dioxide related “global warming,” whereas real pollution of air, water, and land is killing an average of 25,000 people every day across the globe.

    Although environmental Green activists like to talk of “carbon pollution,” in point of fact carbon dioxide (CO2) is not a pollutant at all. CO2 is colorless, odorless and completely non-toxic. Plants depend on it to live and grow, and human beings draw some into their lungs with every breath they take.

    Growers regularly pump CO2 into greenhouses, raising levels to three times that of the natural environment, to produce stronger, greener, healthier plants.

    Moreover, current levels of carbon dioxide concentration in the environment are substantially lower than they have been during earlier periods in the planet’s history. Without human intervention, the concentration of CO2 has climbed as high as 7,000 parts per million (ppm) in prior eras, whereas at present the concentration is just over 400 ppm.
    – – –
    Alarmist response: ‘La-la-la, we can’t hear you.’

  94. oldbrew says:

    Date: 21/09/19The Times

    The system used to test electric cars should be overhauled because it exaggerates their range by up to a third, the government has been told.

    Few vehicles can travel further than 200 miles on a single charge, despite many manufacturers advertising far higher distances.

    Experts say that more accurate figures would help to address “range anxiety” — fears that the battery will run out of power too soon — and improve sales.
    – – –
    Lower range numbers would ‘improve sales’? Ah…’experts say’ 😉

  95. oldbrew says:

    New Proof Solves 80-Year-Old Irrational Number Problem
    Mathematicians have finally proved a conjecture on approximating numbers with fractions

    By Leila Sloman on September 16, 2019

    Caption: Golden ratio is one of the most famous irrational numbers, which run on forever and cannot be expressed accurately without infinite space. Now scientists have proved a conjecture about how to use fractions to approximate them. Credit: Getty Images

  96. oldbrew says:

    Daily Caller Exclusive:
    Facebook Removed False Label After Scientists Said Climate ‘Alarmist’ Fact Checkers Are Targeting Them

    — Facebook removed a fact check after climate scientists said a partisan fact-checking group the company uses is defaming them.

    — Another Facebook fact checker came under criticism after nixing an editorial from a pair of climatologists about the problems with climate models.

    — “Facebook is on a slippery slope,” one of the scientists said, referring to the company’s decision to allow supposedly partisan fact checkers to squash legitimate forms of science.

    The decision comes shortly after scientists Caleb Rossiter and Patrick Michaels argued their point in a Sept. 10 letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. They said in the letter that Facebook used a partisan fact-check group to defame them.

    The letter:

  97. oldbrew says:

    Hurricane Lorenzo heads towards UK with strong winds and heavy rain
    Sunday 29 Sep 2019

    The Met Office said there was a potential for Lorenzo to bring strong winds and flooding and described the weather system as a ‘real beast’.

    Hurricane Lorenzo has strengthened into a Category 5 storm in the central Atlantic Ocean, making it the strongest storm ever observed so far north and east in the Atlantic basin.

    The US National Hurricane Centre said late yesterday night the storm has maximum sustained winds of 160 mph (257 kph).

    Read more:
    – – –
    Will reach Ireland first by the look of it.

  98. oldbrew says:

    Please note: we’ve moved to Suggestions 40 now.

    No more comments here. Thanks.

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