Trump transition will be a tsunami washing away climate corruption.

Posted: January 4, 2017 by oldbrew in climate, government, Politics, solar system dynamics

All the signs are that a lot will happen in a short time as soon as the new US President takes over later this month.

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Guest post by Dr. Tim Ball ©2017

Many people, including my wife, ask why I continue to fight for the truth about the greatest deception in history, the claim that humans are causing global warming. The answer is simple; I don’t want any politician to be able to say they weren’t told. I have written a multitude of articles in every medium possible, published books, done countless radio and TV interviews, and given hundreds of public lectures. It is in the record and readily available with the simplest of Internet searches. If they didn’t know, they didn’t look very hard or were deliberately selective.

Despite that, there were times when I questioned the efficacy of my actions. This was brought home recently when in one of the many Internet interviews I do with students around the world a young woman asked if, in retrospect, I would follow the same path…

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    “The political opportunities look narrow right now. But the loose coalition of dissenters, doubters and right-wing jackals who voted to leave Europe can still be broken up. Chances aplenty will arise as soon as May starts to negotiate a deal that is sure to anger or disappoint many of these voters. The scientific community may be close to despair right now. But it must not take this rout lying down.”

    Advocacy not science which is why BREXIT. They don’t understand this.
    When the money is more important than the science when under scrutiny then either the science dies or the money dies.
    We need the science to be driven by technological requirements not political. Industry should be the paymaster general not a political movement.

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    Is this worth ‘fighting’ against?