The Murmansk wind park that collapsed

Posted: November 8, 2017 by oldbrew in News, turbines, wind
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Murmansk harbour [image credit: Martin Lie / Wikipedia]

Too much wind for these wind turbines near the north Russian coast to cope with. The solar panels at the same site also face technical problems. Back to diesel again.

It was an innovative project which was to power several local villages with green energy. Two years after it opened, the strong Arctic winds have knocked down the turbines, says The Barents Observer.

It was cheering and rejoice in Chavanga and Chapoma, the villages on the coast of the White Sea, as a unique small-scale power generating complex was officially opened in late summer 2015.

The new facilities were to provide the local population of 350 people autonomously with round-the-clock power supplies. Included were nine wind turbines with a 10 kW capacity and another four with 5 kW capacity, six diesel-powered generators and 300 solar panels with a total capacity of 75 kW.

Two years on, the wind generators are down and questions are raised about the operation of the solar panels.

According to the regional government in Murmansk, the turbines were taken down because of technical errors. The blades were destroyed and the reason might be icing, regional Minister of Energy and Housing Vladimir Gnoevsky says in a press release.

The minister maintains that the issue is subject to a warranty from the contractor company and that the villages still get the electricity they need from the solar panels and the diesel generators.

However, it might not be that easy.

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Wikipedia states: ‘The climate is harsh and unstable, due to the proximity of the Gulf Stream on one side and Arctic cold fronts on the other. Sharp temperature changes, high winds, and abundant precipitation are common throughout the year, with the heating season lasting for ten straight months. However, the waters of the Murman Coast in the south remain warm enough to remain ice-free even in winter.’

  1. Richard111 says:

    Look’s as though they didn’t take this ‘wind power’ idea seriously.

  2. richard verney says:

    The fact that they had 6 diesel generators, and the fact that the inhabitants get all the power they need from these, shows that the renewables are just an unnecessary and expensive add on.

    There cannot be much solar power generated from the solar array, since it is frequently cloudy, and when power is most needed, winter evenings, the sun simply does not shine.

  3. wolsten says:

    Reblogged this on Wolsten.

  4. oldbrew says:

    10 Kw wind turbines are very small compared to the industrial scale ones in much of Europe. But if ‘the blades were destroyed and the reason might be icing’ that could also affect larger turbines.

  5. A C Osborn says:

    The only Good turbines are dead turbines.
    May many suffer the same fate.

  6. p.g.sharrow says:

    Diesel generators work when needed as long as they are needed, Wind generators maybe work for a while. Solar generators work for part of the day if the sun shines.
    Wind and Solar electric power generation can only provide power on demand from a power storage system, so half of their generation is lost and costs are TRIPLED!
    Wind and solar power generation have to work in the environment so they quickly are degraded and are difficult to repair. Not something you want if it HAS to work!
    After 150 years of human experience with Electrical generation only Hydro and fuel generation is proved dependable technology,
    Nuclear powered generation is the only dependable option that has been added in the last 50 years.
    Wind and solar has proved it’s self to be too expensive and undependable as a source of electrical power generation for society. Time to end this experiment in futility. To add more is futile and insane…pg

  7. Le goof says:

    Blade icing has been successfully addressed in aviation.
    Another post brought up harmonics. Thought that engineers would apply the lesson from a suspension bridge in Washington State – “Galloping Gerdi”.
    Are engineers that pressed to quickly produce,or is their education/curiosity lacking?