Carbon Tax Ignorance

Posted: January 31, 2019 by oldbrew in Emissions, government, Politics

The ongoing civil unrest of the ‘Yellow Vests’ in France was triggered by a carbon tax proposal. Resistance to an unnecessary new tax isn’t surprising.

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By Craig Rucker ~

There’s a new push on to institute a carbon tax in America.

This is folly.  Bi-partisan folly.

The carbon tax folks have compiled a large list of economists and past public office-holders in support, with some pretty impressive names on board.    The names include such heavy-hitters as Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, Janet Yellen, George Shultz, Lawrence Summers and many more.

Two Florida Congressmen, Democrat Ted Deutch and Republican Francis Rooney, announced they are planning to introduce a carbon tax bill with the money raised paid out as “rebates” to individuals.

Never has so much brain power been so wrong.

As Mark Mathis posted at

The idea of a tax on carbon is that it will cause people to use smaller amounts of oil, natural gas, and coal while driving innovation in the energy sector. But there’s a big problem with this kind of…

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  1. pochas94 says:

    Another great way to generate large flows of money for the rent seekers!

  2. ivan says:

    It appears there are more useful idiots in America than we thought. Carbon taxes make no sense unless you are a merchant banker or a top official in the UN in which case it all makes a twisted form of sense that they hope will lead to a world government by the UN.

    All the global warming, climate change or whatever they are calling it this week has never been about the environment or anything like that it has always been about destroying capitalism as stated by Christiana Figueres – see

  3. oldbrew says:

    Game over…

    Date: 31/01/19 GWPF

    Britain’s Court of Appeal has rejected a lawsuit by a group of climate activists to have their case heard.
    . . .
    The plaintiffs were appealing the High Court’s decision in July not to hold a full hearing of the case. The Court of Appeals, however, sided with the High Court, saying there was “no compelling reason” why it should hear it.
    – – –
    A global carbon tax would put us on the road to ruin
    January 29th, 2019 — BY MICHELLE STIRLING

    Their proposal is based on a faulty premise – that taxing carbon dioxide emissions will control the climate. Their proposal is open-ended, claiming “A carbon tax should increase every year until emissions reduction goals are met.”

  4. Phoenix44 says:

    No, sorry, but they are absolutely and totally wrong. Productivity increases, which drive all wealth creation, are based on using resources more efficiently. For that to take place, resources need to be priced properly. We can argue about whether Climate Change is real, and if it is, how much it will actually cost, but none of that changes whether a tax on externalities is right or not – it is right.

    What a carbon tax does is to ensure that resources are properly priced and that we then allocate resources properly. It is the exact OPPOSITE of central planning, since it relies on markets and prices to determine what we use and how. And additional taxes such as this should always be balanced by reductions in taxes elsewhere, where they are distorting, such as on labour (income).

    Pigou taxes are pretty well accepted by most economists (with some argument as ever), and by economists well to the Right in terms of markets and capitalism. Rather than fight the theory, we can fight the need and then the price, but this argument makes sceptics look stupid.

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  5. Bob Greene says:

    I’m really sure we can save the planet by giving the government more money.

  6. Graeme No.3 says:

    “and Republican Francis Rooney” isn’t there a spelling error there. An L for an R perhaps?

  7. stpaulchuck says:

    just another flaming money grab by the tax and spend mob, it’s a two-fer for them

    part of this is to try and level the price to consumers of the gawdawful windmill power and semi useful solar panels. For years they’ve tried all sorts of jiggery pokery with the numbers to convince idiots that windmills and solar panels are price competitive with traditional power sources. This will go a long way towards that goal and millions more windmills bought from their buddies at exorbitant prices providing spastic power to the grid expanding the South Australia effect across the US.

    part two is just the cashflow that will be generated to be used to bribe more votes out of the Free Stuff Army as well as to feed the quangos that then send back a gob of it to “campaign funds”, aka retirement slush funds. None of this will have one iota of effect on ‘the climate’ and they don’t care.

    CO2 is plant food!

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