Surprise: electric car subsidies largely benefit ‘rich’ Tesla and Jaguar drivers

Posted: February 1, 2019 by oldbrew in ideology, Subsidies, Travel

Tesla model X [image credit: IB Times]

H/T Climate Change Dispatch
No surprise at all, of course. The Dutch subsidy budget for electric cars is already in the red, so how they expect to go all-electric by 2030 is a mystery. High prices even with a subsidy, and concerns about batteries and range, have so far put off the majority of motorists anyway.

Around half the government fund to stimulate people to drive electric cars has ended up in the hands of ‘rich Tesla and Jaguar drivers’, the Volkskrant said on Wednesday.

Last year, the government said it would fund tax breaks totaling €700m for electric car drivers.

But almost half the 25,000 electric cars bought in the Netherlands in 2018 were Teslas and Jaguars with a price tag of €80,000 to €120,000, the paper said.

In particular, the sale of Teslas rose 260% last year.

The paper bases its claims on answers to MPs’ questions given by tax minister Menno Snel in parliament on Tuesday evening.


This means that CDA leader Sybrand Buma’s comments that ‘prosecco-drinking Tesla drivers’ have profited from the tax break at the ‘expense of the ordinary man in the street’ are largely true, the paper said.

It points out that the subsidies for electric cars are mainly funded by higher taxes paid by petrol and diesel car owners.

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  1. Saighdear says:

    Oh well, wasn’t that how MOST new technologies got spread around – those who made or bought things HAD to have some form of wealth around them. THe rest of us just waited a while to buy the used verion and eventually prices dropped sufficiently for the masses to enjoy the congestion

  2. hunter says:

    My take is that this as expected.
    “Climate concern” is a contrivance and obsession of the ruling class.
    It is unsurprising that everything associated with “climate change” is a benefit to the ruling class.

  3. Coeur de Lion says:

    It’s just showing off. The dealer profits from the subsidy as well. To people prepared to pay the cap cost, fuel savings are trivial.

  4. oldbrew says:

    In the UK there are other perks for EV owners, e.g. tax breaks for company cars, no road fund fee, exemption from London congestion charge and possibly from some other local charges.

    EVs can use bus lanes in some countries, and California has its HOV lanes.

  5. Curious George says:

    Dear Saighdear: The new element is that the poor now contribute to the rich buying expensive new toys. It is called a subsidy, not yet a ripoff.

  6. Saighdear says:

    I think we need to have a Uni Degree course in the science of Confusion & Deception – or does it already exist? – Mmmm aka Politics or Political Economics, etc ? Darn – should have done that instead of Agric & Engineering…. Naw, cou’nna hack that rubbish – learnin how tae think stupit. There’s enough daft coos n sheep Oh Noes – better call them Asses an Goats – Aye Efter a’ – thy a’ tak aboot ther Kids…..

  7. hunter says:

    You pegged it:
    Degrees in “social psychology” and “climate studies”, for the sake of honesty in labeling need to be offered in the “College of Confusion and Deception”.
    As I look at the faux academics cluttering up the public square, there are clearly many modern areas of University studies that would be more at home in their own College of Confusion and Deception.
    Brilliant catch on your part, and I am going to ruthlessly use it.
    Thank you in advance! 🤓

  8. dscott says:

    It is obscene that the well to do require a subsidy to buy a car. What middle class or poor person is going to buy a $70,000 vehicle like a Tesla S? A Tesla Model 3 runs well in excess of $35,000 up to $50,000 fully loaded. None of them are in the purchasing range of normal people, until the car comes back on the market as a used car and still that marked down price has to be under $20,000 itself. Why? A popular sedan like a Toyota Corolla may run you $20,000 fully loaded.

    The taxpayer is being put upon by the privileged. Nothing new here. Rich people have plenty of money to buy cars, they don’t need to be subsidized. What’s truly absurd is when the subsidies ($5k to $10k) are dropped, the cars stop selling. Cheapskates.

  9. dscott says:

    Tesla Model 3 Sales Plummet in January

    The demand for — the demand for Model 3 is insanely high. The inhibitor is affordability. It’s just like people literally don’t have the money to buy the car. It’s got nothing to do with desire. They just don’t have enough money in their bank account. If the car can be made more affordable, the demand is extraordinary.

    This is also precisely at the time the $7500 credit in the US disappeared for buying a Tesla as has happened in other countries that phased out the credit.

  10. oldbrew says:

    The days of anywhere near 100% renewable electricity are as far off as ever, whatever the likes of Tesla do or don’t sell.

  11. oldbrew says:

    Frozen door handles and fading batteries…

    Tesla Model 3 Owners Vent About Polar Vortex Affecting Cars
    2 February 2019


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