Attenborough’s “Climate Change–The Facts

Posted: April 19, 2019 by oldbrew in alarmism, bbcbias, climate, Critique, media, propaganda
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Commiserations to anyone who managed to hold their noses and watch this attempt to brainwash the public into believing the UN-manufactured climate scare.


By Paul Homewood


The BBC continued its climate change propaganda season last night with David Attenborough’s well trailered “Climate Change – The Facts?”

The opening sequences, recorded against film of hot weather and including these quotes, left no doubt of where the programme was headed:

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  1. Richard111 says:

    Was only able to watch for 15 minutes before giving up to save my rising temper.

  2. oldbrew says:

    Latest BBC climate propaganda trick…

    Confused about climate change? Talk to our chat bot

  3. Richard111 says:

    No desire to subscribe to BBC. Just ask it how a radiative gas in the atmosphere traps heat.

  4. oldbrew says:

    Climate Change- The Facts Part II
    APRIL 19, 2019
    By Paul Homewood

    In Part II, we look at the second half of the programme, which concerns itself with predictions of the future and what we should all do about it.

    It starts with a rather pathetic section about how fossil fuel companies are subsidising “deniers”, which is apparently making politicians reluctant to do anything. Seriously?
    – – –
    Evidence of warming is not per se evidence of man-made warming, and never will be.

  5. oldbrew says:

    The UK national press is on Attenborough’s case over ‘walrusgate’. Credibility shrinking fast without good answers.

  6. hunterson7 says:

    The walrus!
    Koo Koo achoo!
    If focusing on the walrus lie points out the entire contrived house of bullshit, then great.
    If itleads to Attenborough sheepishly saying well I guess the field crew got a bit carried away on just that one thing, but it’s still big oils fault….

  7. oldbrew says:

    It’s a hard life…

    Extinction Rebellion Activists Break Down After Failing To Close Heathrow

    Young climate change activists broke down in tears on television today as they protested at Heathrow Airport on the fifth day of Extinction Rebellion demonstrations in London.

    Around 15 youths, all aged under 17, arrived at the UK’s busiest airport on Good Friday for the planned demonstration, where they unfurled a banner with the words “Are we the last generation”.
    – – –
    “Are we the last generation”? More like the lost-the-plot generation, if they’re anything to go by.

  8. phil salmon says:

    This is the David Attenborough who in 2013 said about a famine in Ethiopia, “it’s balmy to send food to starving countries … they have too many people”

  9. Problem is the more wind farms the more hot spots! This is the real problem! If you stop the wind the planet heats up. California is on fire, so is Portugal and Australia. Even Saddleworth Moor, all surrounded by wind farms. This is the biggest threat to the Planet!

  10. oldbrew says:

    Jeremy Corbyn’s brother calls climate protesters ‘deranged’ as he holds a counter demonstration and denounces global warming as a ‘hoax’