Around the world climate politics are turning increasingly sceptical

Posted: May 6, 2019 by oldbrew in climate, government, People power, Politics
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Unchecked climate dogma is leading to policies and costs that many people are unwilling to tolerate any more. As the reality fails to live up to the greenwash and fear of a harmless trace gas starts to wear off, how far will the pushback go?
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From Alberta to Australia, from Finland to France and beyond, voters are increasingly showing their displeasure with expensive energy policies imposed by politicians in an inane effort to fight purported climate catastrophe, says H. Sterling Burnett.

Skepticism about whether humans are causing dangerous climate change has always been higher in the United States than in most industrialized countries.

As a result, governments in Europe, Canada, and in other developed countries are much farther along the energy-rationing path that cutting carbon dioxide emissions requires than the United States is.

Residents in these countries have begun to revolt against the higher energy costs they suffer under as a result of ever-increasing taxes on fossil fuels and government mandates to use expensive renewable energy.

For instance, in France in late 2018, protesters donning yellow vests took to the streets—and have stayed there ever since—in large part to protest scheduled increases in fuel taxes, electricity prices, and stricter vehicle emissions controls, which French President Emmanuel Macron claimed were necessary to meet the country’s greenhouse gas reduction commitments under the Paris climate agreement.

After the first four weeks of protest, Macron’s government cancelled his climate action plan.

Also in 2018, in part as a backlash against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s climate policies, global warming skeptic Doug Ford was elected as premier of Ontario, Canada’s most populous province. Ford announced he would end energy taxes imposed by Ontario’s previous premier and would join Saskatchewan’s premier in a legal fight against Trudeau’s federal carbon dioxide tax.

In August 2018, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was forced to resign over carbon dioxide restrictions he’d planned to impose to meet the country’s Paris climate commitments. His successor, Scott Morrison, announced reducing energy prices and improving reliability, not fighting climate change, would be the government’s primary energy goals going forward.

Subsequently, Australia’s deputy prime minister and its environment minister announced the country would continue using coal for electricity and expand coal mining and exports.

The changes in 2018 were just a prelude for the political climate revolt of 2019.

In mid-March, the Forum for Democracy (FvD), a fledgling political party just three years old, tied for the largest number of seats, 12, in the divided Dutch Senate in the 2019 elections. FvD takes a decidedly skeptical stance on climate change.

On the campaign trail, Thierry Baudet, FvD’s leader, said the government should stop funding programs to meet the country’s commitments to international climate change agreements, saying such efforts are driven by “climate-change hysteria.”

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  1. ivan says:

    Unfortunately, this is all ‘too little too late’.

    Too little because unless all the mentioned governments repeal their climate change legislation nothing will change.

    Too late because those governments should never have bowed down to the diktats of the UN Church of Climatology world Agenda 21 / 30 in the first place.

    At this time and considering the multiple billions that have been flushed into the coffers of the Socialist UN one world government only the total dismantling of the UN and all its tenticles will save the world from this stupidity and brainwashing of the people.

  2. oldbrew says:

    Trump is the big fly in the ointment for the globalists.

  3. oldbrew says:

    Day of the Sun & World Loading Day – May 4, 2019

    CANCELED due to bad weather

    Sun energy is there – let’s use it. Under this motto, the city of Baden invites you again to the “Day of the Sun & World Loading Day” in the city of Baden in 2019, and this for the eighth time, and because there can not be enough of beautiful festivals this year, the event will be extended to the afternoon for the first time.

  4. stpaulchuck says:

    this rent seeking scam really does need to collapse. I am tired of seeing the beauty of nature ruined by avian Cuisinarts which mostly sit idle soaking up billions in subsidies. A British wag renamed these idiot wind farms as subsidy farms.
    “Meanwhile, conservatives are said to have rejected science if they won’t believe that taxes control the weather.” from

  5. Richard111 says:

    If I can ask a silly question, Why are the current sunspots so near the equator during this solar cycle?

  6. oldbrew says:

    Research has also shown sunspots concentrate in mid-latitude regions of the sun, and as they widen as the cycle progresses, migrate towards the equator and form butterfly wing-like latitudinal bands (one “wing” in each hemisphere).

  7. tom0mason says:

    As the planet cools skeptical views warm up.

  8. oldbrew says:

    US climate objections sink Arctic Council accord in Finland
    25 minutes ago

    US objections to wording on climate change prevented Arctic nations signing a joint statement at a summit in Finland, delegates said.

    It is the first time such a statement has been cancelled since the Arctic Council was set up in 1996.

    A Finnish delegate, Timo Koivurova, said “the others felt they could not water down climate change sentences”.

  9. Stephen Richards says:

    Macron has not cancelled his global warming war.

  10. tallbloke says:

  11. cognog2 says:

    This is good news for a change. Long may it thrive and prosper