Energy Anguish Hits Britain

Posted: January 8, 2022 by oldbrew in climate, Critique, Energy, government, ideology, net zero

Don’t we know it. The pain will appear big-time when the energy price cap gets revised massively upwards from April. Piling on green levies adds insult to injury for bill payers.

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By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~

We are just weeks into winter and already an energy crisis is starting to burn in Britain. Part of this anguish is directed at climate policy, especially net zero.

The Brits are way ahead of the US when it comes to threatening people with direct hits, so this is no surprise. We have high natural gas prices, but they are being told they will have to pay huge sums to insulate and convert their gas heated homes to electric heat pumps. We have high gasoline prices while they are threatened with outlawing new fuel-fired cars. The stupidly green government has even suggested that personal car ownership might be ended. No wonder the Brits are running hot.

One aspect of this green shock is that supposedly conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson was elected largely because of his role in Brexit. That he was a roaring green…

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  1. Bruckner8 says:

    What’s the love affair with heat pumps? Aren’t they best for milder climates? I mean, I have one, and it does get cold here on occassion (-10°C last night, East Tennessee, USA) but England must be 15-20° further north in latitude by comparison. Northern climates in USA don’t use them.

    Heat pumps aren’t efficient at 0°C and lower, and thus need “auxiliary heat” in that circumstance, usually expensive electric coils. Lucky for me, my auxiliary heat is propane, which isn’t terribly expense in these parts….yet.

    Maybe heat pump technology is different/better over yonder lol. Please enlighten.

  2. Coeur de Lion says:

    Decarbonisation will be an unparalleled economic calamity (Lord Lawson GWPF). The Spectator’s editorial this week spelt out the 25% of our electricity bills which are windmill subsidies. Perhaps the ice is cracking.

  3. Chaswarnertoo says:

    Time for Princess Nut Nut and her idiot BOJO to FOAD, in a ditch.

  4. Gamecock says:

    Your concerns about cost are silly. You aren’t even going to have an economy.

    [Start gathering cow pies to dry for fuel.]

  5. oldbrew says:

    Looks like the solution is going to be to subsidise the people who are paying the ‘green’ subsidies 😵

    Another step forward for the artificial energy market.

  6. Mike Wattam says:

    Here in the UK we have a paralysed government as far as ‘We The People’ are concerned. Individual members of government are however frequently discovered to be deviously adept at building excess and questionable wealth for their retirement. At our cost. The paralysed government cannot even compute that we are running out of heat supply this winter and thus face the prospect of power-outages, nor provide emergency relief for hugely escalating heating bills.

    Whenever energy shortages appear, heat pumps continue to be cited as our future energy salvation, so the expectation is propagating that they supply ‘free’ heat. Even a reasonably intelligent UK Media seems to be seeing them as an easy solution, without having any idea how they really work – what the costs, benefits and environmental impacts might be, and so on.

    I had personal experience by foolishly suggesting an air-to-air bi-directional heat pump would solve a particular problem in a room subject to adverse temperatures. The capital cost was horrendous, the supplier could give no statistical information such as practical electricity consumption, air temperatures, operating efficiency, payback time and so on. The government simultaneously reduced the subsidy/incentive for installing heat pumps, so we binned that idea and used other much cheaper methods to control heat anomalies within that room. Conclusion; these are box-shifters trying to take high profit from a gullible embryo market.

    Clearly this is all arse about face. A novel adaptation of the established heat exchanger theory appears to have been pushed by government with no sensible facts and estimates being compiled. We are pushed around by quasi-facts found from very limited personal experiences. Instance things like you mention such becoming totally ineffective at low temperatures, a huge electricity consumption under adverse conditions (even adverse needs definition) and a belief that they can provide only background heating yet still need heavy boosts from other forms of heat supply – the list goes on.

    So my belief is that we need an independent factual study which can embrace capital and running cost, the physical aspects of these big boxes, net environmental impact assessment, and a personal benefits analysis. I don’t see this materialising any time soon.

  7. stpaulchuck says:

    here in Minnesota the December average temperature was 28 this year and last year. However, my gas and electric bill was 40% higher!! pretty much all due to the natural gas cost. Some of the morons here are actually stupid enough to blame the gas and oil industry for the disaster caused by our Presidunce.

  8. Graeme No.3 says:

    It is 10 years since Derek Birkett wrote “When will the lights go out?”. He was ignored.
    Some chap called Vladimir Putin(?) asked “what was Germany going to do after they’d shut down their coal and nuclear” I think he suggested wood chips from Siberia.
    I wonder what happened to him ? Would that be the same chap he got the natural gas pipeline from Russia (Nord Stream 2) to Germany in time for it to be banned by the EU bureaucrats?

  9. Mike Wattam says:

    Stalin is not going to deprive us of our wood-chips as well, is he? I’m going to get Auntie to knit me a Balaclava pdq. Oh sorry, I meant Vlad the Lad Putin didn’t I?

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