Cease tax-funded climate tourism

Posted: September 6, 2016 by oldbrew in alarmism, climate, IPCC, propaganda, Travel
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By Viv Forbes

For at least 21 years now, the U.N. and the IPCC have been ringmaster to a troupe of thousands. They perform at massive annual conferences held in exotic locations, serviced by top hotels and airlines, and funded largely, directly or indirectly, by reluctant taxpayers. 

An estimated 45,000 attendees, including 114 from the Australian government, achieved nothing useful at Copenhagen and just more green tape in Paris. Each of these climate-fests is preceded by numerous meetings of bureaucrats drafting and redrafting their wish lists.

Now the U.N. Climateer-in-Chief, Ban Ki-moon, has jetted into the G20 summit in China to claim climate victory over climate skeptics.

Is there no end to this energy-wasting climate tourism? If they believe that the science is settled, no more conferences are needed.

These hypocrites lecture “pay your own way” people like us on energy conservation. Let’s see them lead by example and do their chatting and scheming on the internet at their own cost.

The 23-nation Clexit Coalition aims to stop all such tax-funded climate tourism. This will be discussed this week in London, at a conference where all costs are being met by the organizers and attendees.

Source: Blog: Cease tax-funded climate tourism

  1. joekano76 says:

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  2. Climatism says:

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    “Do as I say, not as I do!”

    Bureaucratic elitist hypocrites using other-people’s-money to fund their lavish ‘carbon’ intensive gabfests to protest against ‘carbon’, demanding everyone else curb their lifestyles.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

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  4. tallbloke says:

    I’ll be delivering the CLEXIT message at day two of the conference on Friday. It’s time we drove home the truth about the climate industry and its self serving interests.

  5. Adam Gallon says:

    Next IPCC junket, IPCC-44, Bangkok, Thailand, 17 – 20 October 2016. Lady-boys & underage girls on expenses?
    It’s a hard life, saving the world!

  6. avro607 says:

    Good luck on Friday T/B. I intended to come ,but work overtook my plans.

  7. BoyfromTottenham says:

    Hi from Oz. I doubt that the conferences will end anytime soon, but it would help a lot if only government representatives were allowed, rather than be outnumbered by Pro-CAGW activists and their captive media.