Alan Carlin: The weird reality of world climate policy

Posted: May 7, 2019 by oldbrew in climate, government, opinion, Politics
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Maybe one day enough people will discover that, as the author says: ‘The major effect of decarbonization is higher energy costs and lower reliability of energy supplies, particularly electricity.’ Buying a climate is not a realistic or sensible notion.

Climate policies vary greatly by country says Alan Carlin.

For convenience I will characterize a move towards greater government-imposed “decarbonization” as a move to the left; and I will call less such decarbonization or fewer climate government regulations or fewer market-distorting subsidies to be a move towards the right.

The current optimal climate policy is to take no current actions unless and until it is clearly shown that adverse changes in global temperatures are occurring and it is worthwhile in terms of benefits and costs to take effective actions to reduce global temperatures.

Since this has never been shown, no action is justified until it is.

Accordingly, the optimal policy is at the right end of the right/left spectrum.

At the risk of greatly oversimplifying the situation, I will try to sketch what is going on with respect to climate policy in four major countries.

In the case of China, the Government is helping to build about 300 coal plants in various countries to generate electricity, but the Government continues to publicly advocate the decarbonization embodied in the Paris “treaty,” at least for others.

In the Chinese case it is primarily carrying out a rightist climate policy but without any change in its announced leftist government policies.

In Germany, which has had one of the most steadfast leftish climate policies over many years, the important Christian Democratic Union party is reconsidering their previous support for a carbon tax.

So Germany is undertaking a major re-evaluation of its climate policy and considering a move towards the right, apparently because of pressure from the business community worried that they are becoming less and less competitive as a result of some of the highest electricity prices in the world.

In France, the yellow vest protests are continuing, although with lower turnouts very recently, and have already moved policy to the right against climate taxes. Carbon taxes are opposed by middle and lower class citizens.

The yellow vesters want nothing of the climate carbon-related taxes, and have forced the Government to retreat on climate-related taxes. So the losers are fighting back with some effect.

In the US, there are rather impermanent and possibly ineffective actions by the Trump Administration to reduce EPA regulations concerning climate change.

Continued here.

  1. Jim says:

    How did government control come to be known as a “left wing” idea? And in the US, people think democracy supports minorities and republics are fascist. It really shouldn’t be a surprise that these same people believe that the CO2 which was released from the ice and oceans after the last ice age was the same substance that caused the ice age. It’s all very bizarre.

  2. phil salmon says:

    O how the left detest anyone with an ounce of character!

  3. Phoenix44 says:

    Phil Salmon, its amazing on that BBC hit piece how the reporting deliberately slides past the truth. She is simply saying people should make their own choices once they are properly informed, yet the critics claim she is “denying science”.

    Once again the Left conflate science and politics.

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