Government’s Net Zero plan for tree planting may increase global warming, climate scientists find 

Posted: April 12, 2022 by oldbrew in climate, government, net zero, research, Temperature, trees
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Tree planting

Hapless climate botherers barking up the wrong tree again? Carbon dioxide capture should be left to nature.
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In a new paper published in Frontiers in Forests and Global Change the scientists look at the climate effects of deforestation at different latitudes, says Net Zero Watch.

The researchers find that at latitudes 50°N to 60°N – in other words essentially all of the UK – and above, deforestation contributes to global cooling, so afforestation (which has opposing effects to deforestation) will contribute to global warming.

That is because increased forestation reduces reflection of solar radiation, substantially outweighing its cooling effect via carbon dioxide sequestration.

As part of their Net Zero strategy, the government is spending £750 million on reforesting in England by 2025, at a time when public finances are under immense strain, and with food shortages threatened.

The new research findings, however, suggests that the Government’s plans are not only wasteful – and often detrimental to the environment and food security – but may actually increase global temperature, the opposite of the intended effect of the Net Zero project.

Full paper: Deborah Lawrence et al. (2022) – The Unseen Effects of Deforestation: Biophysical Effects on Climate, Front. For. Glob. Change, 24 March 2022.

  1. JB says:

    Not long ago it was acid rain killing the flora.

  2. Chaswarnertoo says:

    Still gonna plant trees, need the firewood.

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