West reaping consequences of “demonising oil and gas companies” says Qatari minister

Posted: May 24, 2022 by oldbrew in Energy, government, net zero, opinion
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Equating climate obsessions to facts is getting the offending governments into no end of economic trouble, which may well get even worse if current energy policies aren’t revised. They shouldn’t need to be told by visiting politicians that the wind and sun aren’t reliable energy sources.
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Qatar is willing to help the UK with its cost of living crisis, the country’s energy minister has said – but he also criticised western countries who spent years “demonising oil and gas companies”, says Sky News.

In an exclusive interview, Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi said that years of pushing for a rapid end to fossil fuel production and calling producers the “bad guys” had contributed to the current crisis.

He told Sky News that the root causes of the recent increase in gas and energy prices in Europe and beyond could be traced back many years before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“It’s definitely a deeper issue,” he said – pointing out that investment in gas production had fallen steadily in recent years, as Europe pushed to eliminate carbon emissions sooner in an effort to combat climate change.

“There was a build up of countries pushing for the [energy] transition in a hard way. [They pushed for] net-zero, moving to renewables, doing away with fossil fuels and demonising the oil and gas companies, [calling them] the bad guys. And [as a result] you don’t have enough investment in the oil and gas sector.”

The comments came as a Qatari delegation, led by the country’s leader, the Emir, met with Boris Johnson to announce a “Strategic Investment Partnership” under which Qatar will invest up to £10bn across the UK.

However, with energy regulator Ofgem signalling that the price cap will rise to £2,800 this winter – the highest level on record – there is little instant remedy for the wholesale gas prices being faced by the UK.

Full article here.

  1. Johna says:

    “traced back many years before the Russian invasion of Ukraine”? Indeed it can. It all started with the British Empire and the indigenous they scared and killed with their guns and calling them defamatory names i.e. belittling mocking and enslaving them. Up till 1799 UK Governments allowed slavery here and in 1979 the same British Elitists Superiority manifested in Thatcher’s vendetta against the unions and coal miners who stood up to her and her Royalist and Fascist inspired politicians (pseudo enslavement practices) in getting rid of coal and loosing their jobs – and loosing our unions. And all who have no say in what they do after we tick the ballot paper of a political system that’s designed to keep us enslaved. God help us indeed Joe as if Crackpot Johnston allows Truss to cause a nuclear war. It will be won with land troops and guns – maybe that’s why the US gun lobby is all for being ready??

  2. Phoenix44 says:

    Can anybody explain the point of a price cap that increases when prices increase?

  3. ilma630 says:

    Whether western govts will listen now to a Qatari minister when they’ve ignored similar calls from a multitude of sources for many years, is doubtful. Political pride will dictate that they continue on their road to our destruction, until breaking point. What it will then cost us to recover, politically and financially, who knows, but the cost will undoubtedly be high.

  4. Gamecock says:

    It is a sign of decadence that they demonize that which keeps them alive.

    “There was a build up of countries pushing for the [energy] transition in a hard way.”

    The countries have nothing to transition to. Much of the climate change press is purposed to get people to believe there is an alternative, such as “renewable energy.” There simply isn’t. E.g., stories about battery breakthroughs were not about batteries, but the suggestion that Net Zero was going to work.

    So the Net Zero drive is destructive. Martyrdom for all.

    For the nebulous cause of “climate change.”

  5. oldbrew says:

    Nigeria 2020…

    Federal Government Rolls Out National Gas Expansion Programme

    Going all-electric a non-starter.

  6. oldbrew says:

    Qatar Minister Slams West For Demonizing Oil And Gas
    May 25, 2022

    Qatari Energy Minister Al-Kaabi: “The West reaps what it sows”.

    Al-Kaabi: The push for net-zero has resulted in underinvestment in the oil and gas sector.

    – – –
    The West sowed the wind – we know how that ends.

  7. oldbrew says:

    Gas to hydrogen? Very expensive…

    While a ton of hydrogen made using steam reformation might have a manufacturing cost of $800 per ton, capturing and sequestering the carbon would add in the range of $800 to $1,400 to the cost, bringing it to a median of $1,900 per ton. This is still five times more expensive than natural gas per unit of energy. As a note, this points out that even hydrogen without CCS is still multiple times more expensive per unit of energy than the natural gas it is made from. [bold added]


    Re. pipelines: Hydrogen, being much more diffuse than natural gas, requires three times the energy to move an equivalent volume through the same distance. This means that the energy costs of an estimated $1.8 billion yearly to transport the 52,000 million cubic meters of natural gas through 1,620 kilometers of pipeline to the EU becomes potentially $5.5 billion, all of which is added to the price of delivered energy.

    Also more prone to leakage. And so on…

  8. Saighdear says:

    Could someone please turn off these Echo chambers – the sound is deafening!
    ‘ …. humbled by …. ‘ but keeps on going. If Words fall on deaf ears or those with ( in the vernacular) verbal diarrhoea, then we need ACTION ….. but that’s never gonna happen ? Why not?

  9. oldbrew says:

    Nuclear safety warning deals blow to Johnson’s energy revolution
    Austria objects to Sizewell C plant in its latest attack on British energy policy

    29 May 2022

    Boris Johnson’s plans for a nuclear energy revolution are facing a fresh hurdle after the Austrian government officially raised concerns about the safety of a new reactor design.

    In a letter to the Business Department, Austria’s energy ministry raised the spectre of “severe accidents with high releases” at the Sizewell C plant to be built in Suffolk.

    The warning, made under the Espoo convention in which nearby countries are allowed to comment on nuclear projects, raises the prospect of legal action to derail Sizewell and will be considered by the Government as part of a planning decision in coming months.

    Austria is a longstanding critic of Britain’s nuclear programme and tried to block the construction of its Hinkley Point C plant at the European Court of Justice on the grounds that it violated state aid rules.


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