Achieving Net Zero In The Graveyard Of The Failed Green Religion

Posted: February 2, 2023 by oldbrew in climate, Critique, Cycles, Emissions, net zero, weather
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Leaders posing as controllers of the weather demand impossible to achieve and damaging energy policies. Is this (cartoon) where net zero is taking us? Ignoring the sun won’t work.
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According to the clerics of the Green Cult, once we blow up our last coal mine, send all diesel engines to the wreckers, stop using concrete, reinvent sailing clippers, cover the grasslands and hills with solar clutter and wind machines, and then slaughter all of our cattle… global climate will become serene – not too warm, not too cold, writes Viv Forbes (via Climate Change Dispatch).

Wild weather will cease, and there will be no more droughts, floods, cyclones, or snowstorms and no more plant and animal extinctions.

But the records written in the rocks tell a far different story about climate changes. Even when nature was in full control, it was not a serene place.

Long before the first steam engine puffed along the first railway, the Earth was periodically battered by natural disasters – earthquakes, tidal waves, pole shifts, magnetic reversals, volcanic eruptions, wild weather, and droughts.

Huge areas were covered by suffocating continents of ice, desert sands, massive flows of mud and lava, beds of salt, and thick coal seams. Thousands of species disappeared including dinosaurs, mammoths, and Australia’s megafauna.

Modern humans are not immune to the threat of extinction, but it will not come from today’s warm, moist atmosphere or from the gas of life, carbon dioxide.

It will probably come from the next glacial climate cycle of this era, where long bitter glacial eras are separated by short warm periods. These global weather cycles are triggered by changing orbits in the solar system.

In every short warm era like today’s Holocene, the warming oceans expel enough carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to support the abundant plant and animal life that currently surrounds us.

But never has this “global warming” prevented the cyclic return of the ice. The Holocene warm era in which we live has already passed its peak and long before we reach Net Zero Emissions, the cold will return.

When blizzards blow and glaciers grow, the great ice sheets will spread again. Carbon dioxide will be removed from the atmosphere into the cooling oceans and most of mankind will be threatened by frosts, droughts, crop failures, and starvation.

A lucky few living in equatorial regions or clustered in shelters and hothouses around coal or nuclear power stations may survive.

Those still able to extract uranium, coal, oil, or gas may manage to generate enough warmth and carbon dioxide plant food to partly offset the cold sun, the permafrost, and the dry, barren atmosphere.

And a few with appropriate skills and tools may become hunters and gatherers again (but most Neanderthals did not survive the last glacial cycle).

We should celebrate, not fear the Modern Warm Era.

Full article here.

  1. oldbrew says:

    Telegraph: Reaching net zero ‘would cost taxpayers twice as much as No 10’s estimates

    Climate scientists warn that households could pay *at least* double the £4,000 price tag mentioned in a government review

  2. erl happ says:

    Good on you Viv. Tell it as it is.

  3. JB says:

    I’m not worrying about ice sheets returning:

    “the world’s coldest known land region is north-eastern Siberia. There, if anywhere, we might expect huge ice-sheets to have developed if the Ice Age theory possessed validity. Yet comparatively very few areas of Siberia exhibit signs of significant glaciation, either past or present. Clearly great cold does not of itself necessarily promote the development of ice-sheets. Antarctica and Greenland, however, both of which are less cold than Siberia, possess such sheets.”
    The ice sheet hypothesis is built on a structure of supposition. Even the grand kids will be dead before they “return.”

  4. oldbrew says:

    Along the same lines…

    Everything That Needs Electricity Is Made With Oil
    Thu 02/02/2023

    NB wind turbines also contain oil, from 80-200 litres each according to size.

  5. stpaulchucks says:

    Once again, I point out that the Green Blob is nothing to do with actually controlling the weather. It is now and always has been about controlling US. The NWO/WEF types are aghast at how much freedom we have to live most anywhere, travel most anywhere, and do it at our choice of time always considering job requirements, etc.

    They tried out all their nefarious tactics to get us under tight control with the BS scamdemic. They will adapt them to the CAGW scam now. There will be odd/even driving days, lockdowns, large interruptions of fuel flows, food flows, etc.

    The new royalty aka the billionaire class and their minions in government and media are very definitely out to create The Middle Ages V2.0 with us highly restricted, mostly out of money, without cars or other free movement devices, and barely able to feed our families. At least that’s the goal, along with removing about a third of the human population now and more later. They have published papers and spoken up at interviews and clearly stated these goals. CO2 is just another “covid”.

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