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Web of Distrust

Posted: March 14, 2019 by tallbloke in Blog

H/T to follower ‘@realhxn’ for flagging up this issue. There is a plugin to chrome which warns people not to trust the talkshop.

The plugin owners say this is because

Important to know that if you are using sub-domain of that in the past used for fraud and phishing – 
Our community has rated this all sub-domains as not trusted. 

They go on to say


Willis Eschenbach recently complained that I banned him from the talkshop. He makes this complaint, on average, annually. Usually in a comment attacking Dr Ned Nikolov and Dr Karl Zeller.

On the occasions I’ve bothered to respond, I’ve pointed out to Willis that in fact he banned himself from the talkshop, something he maintains is a lie. Below the break is the screenshot of his parting comment, made on the talkshop in mid-January 2012.

Every interaction I’ve had with Willis since has reminded me how fortunate we were that he decided to deprive us of his brilliance.


Stuart ‘Oldbrew’ is off sunning himself with some old mates for the next 10 days and I’m off to do more work on the ‘petite ruine’ my lovely lady and I acquired in southern Brittany last year. Neither of us will have much internet access.




With sadness, I’m sharing the news that my Talkshop co-blogger Tim Channon passed away on Friday. Tim had been bravely battling with cancer for some time, and was still upbeat and lively-minded when I spoke with him last week. Since then unfortunately, medical complications set in.

Tim was one of a kind. A humorous, thoughtful and technically brilliant individual. His contribution to our understanding of cyclic phenomena through the analysis software he wrote propelled me into my own research. His patient recording of weather data and survey of UK weather stations demonstrate the depth of interest and passion he had for bringing facts to bear on the climate debate. His dedication, skill and good natured rebukes against uninformed speculation and bad theory puts him in the Pantheon of great sceptical thinkers and scientists.

Tim will be missed and remembered.



Merry Christmas to all our readers.

Posted: December 24, 2016 by tallbloke in Blog, solar system dynamics

Wishing all talkshoppers a cool Yule, a happy hippopotamus, and a prosperous New Year. 2016 has been seriously busy on several fronts, with the EU referendum campaign resulting in victory for common-sense and country during June,our successful London conference in September, and much work done on the hideaway in the Breton countryside my wife Kath and I have been working on as and when we can.



So my apologies for being missing from the talkshop much of the time and big thanks to my co-bloggers Tim Channon and Stuart ‘Oldbrew’ Graham who’ve been keeping the lights on and the fire stoked here, despite big issues of their own to deal with too.


sheep-attackIt’s a bit like being savaged by sheep. Anthony Watts and his psychotic sidekick Willis the drug-addled cowboy are at it again. They’re trying to undermine the work of Ned Nikolov and Karl Zeller, who gave an excellent presentation at our highly successful London Conference. Their theory covers the underlying physical principles which determine surface temperature across a range of solar system bodies with radically different parameters in terms of insolation, surface pressure, atmospheric composition and rotation rates. There’s not a snowball on Venus’ chance of Watts or Willis understanding it, as they amply demonstrated last time they had a go.



Our recent conference held at Conway Hall in central London was a huge success, with over a hundred attendees being treated to two days of rapid-fire 20 minute presentations and discussion sessions. The footage has now been published online by Mark Windows, and are available for you to view at your leisure.

Another video Mark has produced, introduces the circumstances around the last-minute move from UCL to Conway hall,  and also presents interviews with many of the participants.

I had a short interview with Energy Live News


This conference was made possible by the tireless efforts of Nils-Axel Morner in the face of great difficulties, and huge credit is due to him for his determination and organisational ability.


Site enhancement (minor)

Posted: August 13, 2016 by tchannon in Blog

Tim wrote,

Recently a Talkshop reader asked

stuartlarge says:
August 8, 2016 at 12:56 am

I have a problem bookmarking your site book, sometimes it just does not show new editions.
If you had a “home” button I would find it easier to check.
I like you blog and read it everyday, but the last article I can find is aug 1st


Roger replied …



Twitter tells me there has been “unusual activity on my account” and to “click on the reset link in the email we’ve sent you”. No emailed password reset link has been forthcoming. I think the “unusual activity” excuse is a bit lame. See my recent tweets in the left column. I think I’m right over the target, but Twitter have now locked the bomb bay doors.


Post by Tim


(c)2016 T N Channon, licence, attribute but otherwise do whatever you want
Panorama over Thames Valley looking east; Didcot power station visible;Â Over field of flowering oil seed rape; fair weather clouds; camera about 200 metres from the north downs “Ridgeway”.
Bar at left and right is part of gate, a straight steel bar, photographic projection is cylindrical. LG Leon LTE camera phone. Images stitched by Hugin.

Why? Enjoy, or not. Many do not like the yellow fields, not overkeen myself.
A little later I sat for some time looking over the downs near Lambourn. Fabulous view. Unfortunately I was not well enough to photograph.


Weekend open thread

Posted: February 26, 2016 by tallbloke in Blog

OK ren, this is the place for your interesting comments and graphics. 🙂

Bloggies 2016. The end.

Posted: February 7, 2016 by tchannon in Blog

bloggies-2014-dThere will be no Bloggies this year, an era ends, life changes.
2001 .. 2015 is good going.

The Weblog Awards

After 15 years, I have decided to bring the Weblog Awards to a close. Visitor participation has declined to the point where there just aren’t enough nominees to form a broad enough spectrum of competition.

Thanks to all of those who supported the Bloggies in one way or another. I’m proud we were able to create such a notable ceremony without advertising or corporate sponsorship.

I congratulate all the winners of the past fifteen years and look forward to seeing how blogs will evolve in the future.

Nikolai Nolan

I agree with NIkolai’s analysis, there has to be “critical mass” for a group to hang together, a lesson I learnt 20 to 30 years ago.


Merry Christmas one and all

Posted: December 24, 2015 by tallbloke in Blog

Seasons greetings and happy holidays to everyone!
This is the Talkshop Christmas open thread, for whatever you’d like to discuss.

Image credit Eddie Wong. GPL

Image credit Eddie Wong. GPL


Bloggies 2015

Posted: March 30, 2015 by tchannon in Blog

Best European Weblog: Not a Lot of People Know That

Congratulations are due to Paul Homewood, no surprise given his steamroller work, does he sleep?

The Talkshop bows to winner ClimateAudit, Lifetime Acheivement. We make do with finalist 2015.


Head to head Bloggies

Posted: March 1, 2015 by tchannon in Blog

The Bloggie Finalists for 2015





I assume double finalist will come as a surprise to Paul Homewood who is on a roll at the moment.

RealClimate and WUWT in the same finalist catagory, oops, again. 🙂


Guest post from Peter Morecambe aka ‘Galloping Camel’


The Kyoto Protocol

Elites around the world tend to believe that rising levels of CO2 in our atmosphere will cause catastrophic climate changes. Collectively they wield enough power to shape energy policies in many nations according to commitments laid down in the “Kyoto Protocol” and subsequent accords. It is interesting to compare the fate of the Kyoto Protocol based on the work of “Climate Scientists” such as Michael Mann with that of the Montreal Protocol based on the work of people like McElroy.

The Montreal Protocol essentially banned the production of Freon and similar compounds based on the prediction that this would reduce the size of the polar “Ozone Holes”. After the ban went into effect the size of the ozone holes diminished. This may mean that the science presented by McElroy and his cohorts was “Robust” or it may be dumb luck. Either way, McElroy has credibility and “Skeptics” are ridiculed. The Kyoto Protocol did not fare so well.


I’ve been out of the loop for a while, initially due to being away on holiday, then by a round of job interviews I had to prepare for (no success there), and finally by the hospitalisation of my dear old dad (he’s improving now). I’m immensely grateful to my co-bloggers Tim, Stuart (Oldbrew) and Andrew, who have been minding the shop and putting up lots of interesting articles during my absence – thanks guys.

This period has shown more than ever that the talkshop isn’t a one man band, but a vibrant community of bloggers, contributors, commenters and readers. The theory we are working on is moving along in the background as well as on the blog, along with a couple of other related developments I’ll be able to disclose in due course.

Evening light at Vannes harbour - South Brittany

Evening sunlight at Vannes harbour – South Brittany


‘Anders’, the proprietor of popular warmist blog ‘and then there’s physics’ issued me with a challenge when I commented on his post about the ‘little ice age recovery‘.



“Try doing some actual physics” he said. So I responded:



New: WordPress site search facility

Posted: June 9, 2014 by tchannon in Blog


Co-moderator writes: as is my way I jury rig workarounds for limitations, what engineering people do. String, sealing wax, knotted handkerchiefs. And… simple so it is understood.

Click the image, preset Google search opens, add your search words at the end and go find.

New? I’ve not seen this done before.



Thank you Nominators, first judges,  our readers for voting and of course The Bloggies host.

I’ll add more later. I’ll get the fire hydrant ready to cool Tallbloke. Well done mate.